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A New Adventure in Blogging 101

This is it: the first post of my new blog.  Part of the mission of On the Web with Kim Vallee is to help women and moms blogs by giving simple to follow advices on how to start, grow and market their blog. Let’s start at the beginning.

What do you need technically to start a blog that can easily grow once your blog takes off?

The must-have list have been compiled considering time and money. I did it on a tiny budget. I also want you to avoid pricey mistakes if you are serious about blogging.

I tried to go with what the no-frill  free (hosted by WordPress) but it would have meant that sooner than later I would need to migrate my blog to a self-hosted solution. I wish to eliminate that step.

The problem with and Blogger is that they lack on flexibility. Their true advantage is that you can open your blog in a manner of minutes and do not have to worry about the technical stuff. Their most important showstoppers are:

  • you cannot monetize your blog
  • you cannot import theme nor plugins on

Must-Have List Before Your Start Your Blog

  1. Buy your own Domain Name right away. It does not cost a lot. For less than $20 USD, you can register your domain name at and keep your name and address information private. This is the domain name register I used.
  2. If you opt for the self-hosted WordPress solution, you will need to find a hosting company to host your blog. It can be as low as $10 a month. Make sure to ask around before selecting a hosting company.
  3. Then, you are ready to configure your blog. You will need technical assistance for this step.
  4. Choose a theme. The easiest way is to select a theme from the WordPress Theme Directory by you can also use Google to find one. I selected zindi 1.7 by Fado from the Theme Directory. Pay attention to the shown functions and the navigation. You may need help or instructions to upload the theme to WordPress. Hiring someone or asking a friend that knows CSS helps you fine tune your theme. I kept the changes to the minimal for this experiment. I simply did a few basic modifications to the CSS to change some paragraph styles.
  5. Add the widgets you like. I added Recents posts and Recents comments.
  6. Write the text for the About page. Add your favorite blogs to the blogroll (Links in the WordPress admin interface).
  7. And then, you are ready to write your first post.

If you wish to know more about the mission of On the Web with Kim Vallee, I invite you to read the About page.

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