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Controversy with Elle France-Wikio Best Bloggers List

There is a polemic right now in France and a little bit in Quebec about the 20 Best Bloggers issued by Elle France and WIKIO. Naturally, the selection of bloggers talked about the traditional women magazine topics. I say naturally because the  7 award categories come from what you can read on Elle France magazine: fashion, beauty, cooking, moms, illustrators, craft and sewing, columnists plus love and sex.

Many persons express the view that it is reducing the role of the women. But I think they are missing the point. Elle France/WIKIO determines the influencers based on their scope of interest. You do not browse Elle France to read about a blogger who writes about how big corporations plan their Web strategy. This is about niche market.

The Other Side of the Medal

No one get offended when none of the top women and moms bloggers appear on the top 50 women bloggers of the Web. These lists do not specify that they only considered female consultants working on politics, tech products or brand marketing.

I see plenty of Top Women Blogger Lists with names of the list that seem to me (because I do not know them) less popular or influential than the top bloggers in our community. Having said that does not mean that the recipients do not deserve to be on the list.

In fact, most lists do not include women and moms blogs because the authors were not aware of their existence; they are even less able to assess their true power. At the end of the day, you can also only judge what you know.

The point I wish to make is that the Elle France/WIKIO compilation and any similar awards have nothing to do with the role of women in society. Each Top list is representative of who influence a person or a group. And this is based on the scope of interest of the publication.

Update Dec. 19, 2008: I found a Top 12 Women Real Estate Bloggers for 2008. Some Best Blogger lists are detailed on their scope after all.

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4 Responses to “Controversy with Elle France-Wikio Best Bloggers List”

  1. Thank for for this thoughtful and thought-provoking post, Kim. Having spoken with you about this subject and reading you now, I realize that you’re totally right about me (and perhaps others) missing the point. I have a personal distaste for rankings (je trouve les classements réducteurs) and detested the idea that a publication would present the top women bloggers as _exclusively_ from traditional categories.

    The point I indeed missed is that my frustration isn’t so much with the rankings as with the limited scope of the publication itself. As you say, they were speaking to their niche.

    Until you reminded me, I’d forgotten that that niche simply isn’t mine.

    I’m still not thrilled with Elle, but am encouraged to see that the Elle controversy has encouraged bloggers to create their own directories of women bloggers – such s that of Fadhila Brahimi – directories that show us that the range of topics covered by women who blog are as diverse as the interests of those individuals.

    Congratulations on the launch of this new blog, Kim – you’re living proof that women are multidimensional and have something interesting to contribute to the discussion around tech.

  2. Interesting idea.

    “Top X Influencers” articles make nice headlines. But, a good question is who are these influencers influencing?

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  4. eh… amazing.