SOCIAL MEDIA | January 9, 2009

Join The Barack Obama Wave

The campaign of Barack Obama was an example on how politicians can use the Web to get support. Bloggers and the voters spread the word. The innovation in social media initiatives continue with Join the Wave. This was a somptaneaous idea from a cool Montreal company called Pixman Nomadic Media.

Join the Barack Obama Wave

Pixman takes advantage of the momentum created by this historic event to get the words out about their technology. After all, Pixman provides nomadic media solutions to advertisers and help brands established virtual communities. The chairman of Pixman is Daniel Langlois, a man that is well-known for bringing multimedia innovative ideas.  Pixman hired VDL2 three weeks ago to make their Web 2.0 idea a reality.  I have friends that work at VDL2. It is impressive what you can accomplish in three weeks these days.

What is in it for you?

The World is ecstatic to the prospect of having Obama as the American President. On their site, you can read that Pixman let people from around the world connect to the first iconic figure of the 21st century: Barack Obama. On January 20th, 2009 United States will enter in a new era with the inauguration of Barack Obama as President. To celebrate your happiness, excitement, hopes and simply to congratulate the man, join the wave and post your home video.

If you are lucky, you can meet a Pixman cameraman in one of the 30 Worldwide cities. They will capture your 5-second video and link it to a globe map. If you deliver a great performance, you may be the lucky ones  with extracts featured in a special medley delivered to Obama. Be part of the Worldwide Wave for Obama.

+ Join The Wave

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One Response to “Join The Barack Obama Wave”

  1. I really like this concept!

    Congrats to our friends at VDL2 for making this possible (during the holidays, no less!) and congrats to Pixman for this great idea.