SOCIAL MEDIA | January 9, 2009

Make Love Not War

I read a sad story from one of my favorite bloggers, Holly (decor8) in Haus Maus yesterday night. It is the typical case where troublemakers steal the show. But bullies do not impress us.

Here is the story. Apartment Therapy held a Best Blog of 2008 contest called The Homies. Sadly, some trolls invaded the comments of the Home Design Contest with unwarranted judgmental comments and bad attitude. As a result, Apartment Therapy disabled the comments. And for a while, a talented blogger with lots of followers questioned if blogging can still make her happy.

It saddens me. As a blogger from the home decor, entertaining and wedding niches, I feel proud that we avoid negative comments and childish bitter behaviors. After all, we talked about what we are passionate about. Our blogs become our collections of cute craft projects, best finds and the things we like.

I always thought that the positivity and the camaraderie amongst the women and mom blogging community set it apart from the rest of the blogosphere. We are lucky. Do not let a tiny number of people ruin our harmony.
This does not mean that we cannot disagree. It simply means that we can be civil about it.

Blog Awards Are Not the Real Problem

With any awards, our favorites may not make the cut. No selection process is perfect since it will always be influenced by our preferences. Most Influential Bloggers Listing and Best Blogs awards are here to stay because people love them.

One of the best things out of these blog contests is the fact that we can discover new blogs through the public submission process.

The problem does not rest in whether or not we should be hosting a Most Influential or a Best Blog Contests. But the fact remains that they offer a better exposure for the trolls to express themselves. So what can we do about it?

Problem is Being Anonymous

One reason why people act badly on the Web is that they can hide behind fake identities or anonymity. What differentiates Facebook from other social networks is that you use your real name. The advent of Facebook Connect and to a certain extent, Google Friend Connect may be the step through a uniform log in system. After all, there are no reasons in the world that justify staying anonymous if you write a comment on a blog about home décor, cooking, crafting or party design.

P.S. If ever you have a troll infesting your blog, the best technique to get rid of it is to ignore him or her. There is an old saying on the Web: Please do not feed the trolls.

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3 Responses to “Make Love Not War”

  1. I think this is a very informative blog post Kim, thank you for telling me about it and for your kind email and post on haus maus.

    This is a nice discussion. It’s good to get our thoughts out there on this.

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  3. I know I am a little late on responding, but well put. It’s a shame when a resentful few dampen things for others. I have always been impressed by how all the design and craft blogs I have read seem refreshingly free of cattiness, and I hope it says so.