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Mr. Tweet may be useful after all. We will see

I tried Mr. Tweet twice when they launched. My original feeling was disappointment. Where Mr. Tweet and similar tools felt short is that their suggestions ignore my scope of interests. I am aware this is not an easy thing to do but a girl can dream.

Since my goal is follow people who say things that are relevant to me, I did not see at first how Mr. Tweet could help me. As I gathered the info for this post, I decided to give Mr. Tweet a second chance. It seems only fair. I learned that they made several changes since they launched.

I tried this morning the “Discover new people based on my recent activities” feature. I do not know exactly how it works except that it is based on my recent follows and tweets. I read their blog and find some clues on how to make the best of their tool.

How I used Mr. Tweet so far

mr. tweet list of influencers I do not follow

When I assess the possibility of following someone, I checked who followed them on my followers. Name in bold are people who interact often with the recommended Tweeple. Basically, it gives me an idea of who trust them from the Tweeple I follow. I can see their last tweets and viewed their Twitter usage statistics. I may open their Twitter page to see more.

Overall results: I am following a few more Tweeple now and I discovered new blogs.

I wish for a filtering system where I could enter a few twitter names, or other parameters before I see who I do not follow.

Notice that Mr. Tweet is not a real-time service. They updated their recommendation lists twice a week. When they show me a new name, they identify them as New. Otherwise, I get their current rank on my list with an up or down arrow to show me the trend in my list position.

I will continue to use Mr. Tweet sporadically over the next months. I will see how it goes.

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