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PC or Mac: Which laptop is best for bloggers?

Many non tech savvy people around me are having this dilemma:  should I go for a PC or a Mac laptop?

I prefer the Mac, unconditionally. I used to be a PC user (I still have a desktop at the office) but I do not intend to go back for my daily activities. I feel that for the average folks (not just the graphic designers), the Mac is the best option.

Defining Your Needs

I switched in spring 2008. I wanted a new laptop to fulfill my needs as a blogger. Basically, I run a small numbers of applications including Word and Photoshop. I am a heavy Web user, I upload photos and answer my emails. This corresponds to what most people do.

I gave up Outlook a couple years ago and I use Gmail now. Therefore, I do not have to care about the email software compatibility.

Genius Bar in Apple Store

What I like the most about the Mac laptop?

  1. Fun and easy to use
  2. Hassle-free with the ProCare service – $99 per year for up to three computers
  3. No more frequent windows updates to interrupt my work
  4. No need to install an anti-virus software that slows you computer (thanks Janick for reminding me of this great feature)
  5. A keyboard that feels wonderful – I type faster on my Mac than my PC
  6. A better looking computer that is fast

Which Mac model to select?

For mobility, the affordable 13-inch MacBook will satisfy your needs and keep the weight down. Unless you are always on the run, I suggest to get a more powerful MacBook that cost less than the MacBook Air. This is what my husband did before Christmas.

I owned a 15-inch MacBook Pro.  I went for the Pro in case I want to edit some videos but mostly because the basic MacBook did not have an illuminated keyboard at the time. If you select the more rapid MacBook, the 2.4GHz MacBook, you will get the illuminated keyboard.

How Was the Transition?

I optimized my work with the right tools and techniques over the years on my PC. It took me about a week until I found the ultimate working environment on the Mac.

By asking Mac users around me or by searching for the answers on Goggle, I discovered the Mac tools or the integrated functions I need to perform at maximum. The only feature unavailable on the Mac than is way better on the PC is a keystroke shortcut to switch between an English keyboard and the French keyboard.

If you are unsure about which system is best for you, I suggest you express your needs in simple tasks or features like the way I did on this post.

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2 Responses to “PC or Mac: Which laptop is best for bloggers?”

  1. Oh, and let’s not forget: I don’t even have a virus software, no worries. Computer never died. Ever. Never had to have a tech play in it and fix stuff.
    You save soooo much only with that, it’s worth more than the difference of money at purchase! lol

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