Blog DESIGN, BLOGGING | January 2, 2009

Supporting Facebook Connect for Commenting

Part of the mission of On the Web with Kim Vallee is experiencing with plugins and widgets that I think add value to a blog.

My geek husband suggested Facebook Connect as a practical feature for my comments. If you are on Facebook, Facebook Connect will reduce the amount of info you will need to type for commenting. You simply login to your Facebook account using a button. If you like, you can publish your comments on your Facebook walls. A popup will ask you if you want to publish your comment on your wall – so you decide what you put on your Facebook wall.

As a blogger, I like this feature as it gives me a chance to be known by your friends (while respecting your privacy settings). For yourself, it enables you to share what you like. Others may look at it as a way to keep a trace of what you did online.

There are many WordPress plugins for enabling comments with Facebook Connect. We installed Facebook Connect by Adam Hupp. We also tried Facebook Connector by Javier Reyes. Although Facebook Connector has some nice community features, the login is less intuitive interface when commenting. This is why I selected, for now, Adam Hupp’s Facebook Connect.

Have you ever used Facebook Connect? Have you installed a Facebook Connect plugin on your blog? If so, which one did your select?

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4 Responses to “Supporting Facebook Connect for Commenting”

  1. test to connect to fb and comment, it wont work

  2. test using fb connect

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