TECHNOLOGY | January 6, 2009

Think Twice Before Changing a System that works

My husband wanted to pleased me last December so he decided to replace the cables by wireless connections for our Media Center (a digital video recorder). My Xbox 360 is hooked to my kitchen TV so I can watch the cooking and design shows I recorded during the week. I got an Xbox 360 because it is the cheapest and best working Media Center extender. And it simply happens that my husband wishes I play more video games with him.

He bought the individual wireless stations, installed them and the next morning, I watched a home decor show while I ate breakfast. The Media Center allows you to skip the ads. It is a fast forward button that jumps 30 seconds each time you press it. So it took 20 minutes to watch a 30-minute episode. I got 3 network congestion in 20 minutes; the image freezes until the congestion is gone. Unacceptable! I asked him to put back the cables, which he did. Everything works fine again.

My husband did not give up on his idea. He tried with another wireless technology. I am happy to report that our complex techno-system works well now.

The story does not end here. My husband failed to mention something when he told me that we get rid of the cables. His wireless network set up meant that a few wireless boxes will be spread across the house. It is not bad since you can hide them behind a book but it is something to consider before you make the move.

The lesson is not to ask more questions because we will never imagine all the scenarios. Since I have no intention to learn about this boring matter, I simply make sure my husband knows my requirements so well that he will only propose solutions that will please me. My requirements are simple:

1. it has to work the same or better than the current situation
2. it has to be simple to operate
3. it has to look good in the living room.

An if you can do the set up without cutting my Internet connection for a couple seconds here and then, it would be fantastic.

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