SOCIAL MEDIA | January 12, 2009

Watching Geek Brief with Cali Lewis

Two days ago I complained about not having enough girls in IT, so it seems natural to introduce a video podcast hosted by a geek girl. What is great about Cali Lewis’ Geek Brief show is that her tech content appeals to men and women.

GeekBrief.TV celebrated their third anniversary on December 23rd, 2008. Impressive! I purposely selected an episode where Cali talked about how they started. It is inspiring. She founded the show with her husband.

On a lighter note, they have been married now for 10 years. Like my husband, her husband Neil’s favorite drink is a Bombay Gin Martini. Except that my husband prefers his martini shaken with olives although he does not mind the lemon twist.

If you are a Mac fan, check out Geek Brief’s Macworld 2009 coverage of cool new products. Cali makes it fun. Remember that you can subscribe to their podcast on iTunes. Download the shows on your iPhone or iPod and watch the episodes whenever you have a few minutes of leisure.

Going back to our story, watch the episode where Cali Lewis explained how they got the idea to start a video PodCast at a time when it was not popular.

Then, watch the two following shows to get the full story.
GBTV #483 | GeekBrief.TV talks until the first 5 months after the launch
GBTV #484 | GeekBrief.TV tells what happened after they quit their day job

An Uncharted Territory for Us

There are only a handful of video podcasters in the women and moms blog community. Video is suited for many topics we covered. You do not have to start as sophisticated as this. But whatever you do, all podcasters will tell you to invest in a microphone as the micro on the digital video camera is not enough. If you wish to learn more, read their podcasting tips.

I will like to host my own video podcast show someday. The first step to be ready is to own your own .tv domain because this becomes your television channel. My answer to Gary Vaynerchuk’s Own your Television podcast is: I do!

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