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Web Site Design Trends 2009

Every time at this time of the year, I am curious to know what top designers have to say about Web site designs. Let’s look at was hot last year that should continue this year? But most importantly what is hot right now.

Here are my Top 5 trends. They are the ones I prefer.

1. Magazine Layout

I talked about it before: The magazine layout has invaded the blogosphere. We see the Web borrowing for the print media practices at a time where the newspapers are in crisis. I am thinking of moving to this format for At Home with Kim Vallee. I feel it will fit better my content.

2. Featured Post Carousels

This is on my must-have list for my blog revamp. I like them for my featured stories, especially when used with transparency effects. The carousel is cool because they highlight well the content. Moreover, a simple click brings your users to the story. I will tell more on how to create one once I implemented mine.

3. Letterpress

The letterpress writing is hot for logo and menu. With the revival of letterpress printing for stationery, it makes that at some times it will invade the Web. I am simply amazed that it took so long for this trend to catch up online.

4. Embellishments

I gather all embellishments together. I saw pretty grungy Web design over 2008. Ideal for the crafting world and the artists are the collage effect. I still like  the vintage/retro look, although it has been around for a while now. I guess people likes the comforting vibe they infuse. The wood background was also present on many blogs in 2008. Before you opt for any embellishments, make sure they support your branding.

5. Playing Out with the Typography

The large font trend continues. This is something that you can easily integrate in any blog.

Typography makes a huge impact on a document. Some designers experiment with new technology for font replacement but it is not full proof yet. So I will stay away until then. If you are interested by the subject, read this informative post by Mike Davidson on sIFR.

Read more trends for 2009 in the excellent Smashing magazine.

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6 Responses to “Web Site Design Trends 2009”

  1. Thanks for the design tips. I like these five as well – now if someone could just do the coding and design work for me on my blog and site and I’d be really happy.


  2. The embellishments remind me “scrapbooking”…

  3. I’m a big fan of the letterpress. I think it looks good and gives a professional look. Thanks for the 5 tips!

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  6. Your trends are really good Mike. I will follow your tips.