BLOGGING, Blogging TIPS | February 7, 2009

How do you censor your blog?

A recurring question from people who asked me about blogging is “How do you separate your private life from your public life (i.e., my blog)?”.

Any blogger should reflect on the matter. Your answer does not simply depend about how you feel comfortable about exposing details from your private life. You must take into account the people who share your life because their life will also be affected.

Except for my husband, I do not mention my friends or family members. And the rare times I did, I referred vaguely to them. I share activities we do but I do not too talk about any emotional stuff. Furthermore, it will not fit into the scope of my blogs.

To see how other women deal with the question, examine three popular mom bloggers talked about this hot topic on Momversation. Let’s hear how Heather Armstrong of Dooce, Dana Loesch of Mamalogues and Rebecca Woolf of Girl’s Gone Child censor their mom blogs?

Facebook and Twitter

The question goes further that your blog. As we participate in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, we discuss and share information with our friends in real-life and with our virtual friends. At least with Facebook, we can create friend lists with different rights and privileges to help us manage who can access what.

How do you deal with the question of private vs public life?

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