Having fun catching bugs with Crazy Frog for the iPhone

Igor Pusenjak, one of the co-founders of Lima Sky said in an interview that they make games for kids. Let me tell you that Crazy Frog is as fun for adults. I saw my husband playing it before dinner. My first reaction was “It is so cute!”. Then, I said “I want it!”

Crazy Frog game for the iPhone

The game play is simple. You make points by catching any insects except the bees. The bees will kill you. You jump to catch and eat the bug. You cannot catch more than one insect per jump.

The interface is easy to maneuver. Gently hit the screen to trigger a jump. Move your iPhone horizontally in the desired directions to direct your frog in the air and on the ground.

Expressive frog

A lovable element of the game are the frog expressions. If it failed to catch an insect, it looks disappointed. The frog smiles after eating an insect. The frog shouts in pain when it gets stunned by a bee. I often shout with it.

Lima Sky has already created 26 iPhone applications. Crazy Frog is a fun and addictive game. At 99 cents, it is money well spent.

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3 Responses to “Having fun catching bugs with Crazy Frog for the iPhone”

  1. Wow, another great reason to steal my boyfriend’s iPod Touch! I’m sure my daughters will love it.

    (Here, Koi pond is a favorite… not a game per say… but such a nice use of the little machine’s capabilities!)

  2. 2 Facebook User (@kimvallee) said:

    Martine: I also have Koi Pond. Like it! Koi Pond is the perfect cure to relieve the stress in the middle of your day. And you can add the sounds of frogs in your pond 🙂

  3. Great insights Kim! Especially useful for the project for kids I am working on http://www.Touitoui.TV.

    Have a great 2011 year.