SOCIAL MEDIA | February 23, 2009

More Twitter 101 tips and meeting Sean Power on the train back from PodCamp Toronto

I had a wonderful time at PodCamp Toronto. I need a few days to digest all the knowledge and ideas I gathered from this unconference. I will keep you posted on my findings. On my way back to Montreal, we were sitting next to Sean Power, Community manager at Akoha and an O’Reilly author. Sean gave a session at PodCamp Toronto. We chatted further on the subject of monetarizing and how to track the influence of bloggers.

My Twitter tips of the day are two quick tips on how to use TweetDeck. I talked about TweetDeck when I installed it. Now that I used it for a while, I absolutely love it.  As you may recall TweetDeck enables you to group your followers. It allows you to concentrate your attention on specific people. I created several groups to match my interests at different moment of the day. Groups simplify and speeding up the time I pass on twitter. I can quickly watch my women bloggers group, my French friends group, etc.

Part of TweetDeck Search results based on my name

Another cool feature of TweetDeck is the ability to create a global search on your name with and without space between your first and last name. If people often misspelled your name, add the common mistakes to the global search. You may discover replies that you missed. This way, you will catch everything that is said on Twitter about you. The search will also include what you said.

Sean writes a blog called Watching Websites. This is a picture of Sean on the train taken by my husband on his iPhone.

Sean Power

Sean Power on the VIA train

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4 Responses to “More Twitter 101 tips and meeting Sean Power on the train back from PodCamp Toronto”

  1. It was great meeting you both! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me! 🙂

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  3. ha! There’s my tweet… complete with typo! LOLOL

  4. 4 Facebook User (@kimvallee) said:

    Michelle, I noticed the typo error when you mentioned it. I thought you commented on the fact that these custom-made wall decals were also affordable; I think so. Unless it is not your opinion, the simple typo can be unnoticed. It could have been worst.