SOCIAL MEDIA | February 1, 2009

Presenting at PodCamp Toronto 2009

I am returning to Podcamp Toronto. I attended one day last year since it was the same weekend as the Interior Design Show. Luckily this year, the IDS 09 will be 2 weeks later.

podcamp toronto 2009

Podcamp Toronto is a FREE unconference for those interested in all things regarding podcasting, blogging and new media. Amateurs, pros, newbies and veterans are all welcome! The unconference is happening February 21 and 22, 2009.

I will also present a session. This is a follow-up to the PodCamp session I gave last autumn in Montreal. A lot has happened since then. We will have a chat on the current state of the women and mom blogging and marketing universe. Here is my session brief:

Updated Look at Women and Social Media by Kim Vallee — A look at the latest metrics and what is happening in the world of women and mom marketing and blogging. See how blogging and social media enhance the life and the daily activities of modern women. I will share great initiatives but I also want to hear about yours.

The session schedule is not done yet. I will keep you posted. There are plenty of topics covered by amazing podcasters and bloggers. It is a great networking and learning experience. Register online to assist at PodCamp Toronto 2009.

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3 Responses to “Presenting at PodCamp Toronto 2009”

  1. I’ll be at PodCamp Toronto and presenting as well, Kim. Going to talk about the state of social media (specifically podcasting) in India, where I travelled in November.

    Hoping to be able to catch your talk this time around – at PodCamp Montreal I was so busy running around organizing, that I didn’t have much time to enjoy the sessions. Will let someone else do the work this time 😉

  2. I’ll be at PodCamp Toronto, and I hope to see both of your conferences.

  3. We will have a nice Montreal delegation at the PodCamp TO. I wish we can see our respective sessions.

    I am also very interested by Becoming a Legitimate Media Outlet – Matt + Nat of