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Tourism Montreal hiring bloggers

Part-time Community Job posted on Sid Lee for Tourism Montreal

The Gazette about the latest initiative of Tourisme Montreal to promote the city. They wish to hire on a part-time basis bloggers as ambassador to cover what is happening in Montreal.

This great initiative generated bad comments about bloggers being paid for hiring. Let’s make some facts very clear. The bloggers will not blog on their blog. They will publish their text, photos and videos on their dedicated page on Tourisme Montréal’s website.

I suspect Sid Lee with Tourisme Montreal wanted to reach to bloggers because we know how to write engaging stories. They also expect these ambassadors to talk about it in social media. Basically, they will be do the job of a Community Manager, which as far as I know is a real job position for which people are being paid at companies.

Blogger Recognition

What this initiative by Tourisme Montreal / Sid Lee proves is that the skills of bloggers are being recognized. Bloggers are writers who know how to navigate within social networks.

Most bloggers blogs as an hobby. This means the average bloggers earn their living doing something else. Many will like to make a living out by doing what they basically do when blogging or podcasting. Monetizing is the hottest topic for sessions at the upcoming PodCamp Toronto 2009. And yes, I believe blogging come become a profession (although my business model is based on advertising, not paid content).

But for the moment what Tourisme Montreal is looking for are Community Managers to cover 5 lifestyle scenes. They made the mistake of using the proper job designation. Something it does not work to try to be cool!

To close my argument, I invite you to watch the insightful comment by Todd Lucier.

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3 Responses to “Tourism Montreal hiring bloggers”

  1. Will Sid Lee’s blog for Montreal Tourism will be expenriential (meaning in Flash)? I hope that they’ll find a way to make sure ppl will be able to link to their site. I wish that this link would give relevent information about what they’re looking for exactly.

  2. 2 Facebook User (@kimvallee) said:

    I agree with you Nicolas. The fact that we cannot link to a specific page on a Flash site is a big no-no. In the Web 2.0 age, Flash sites seem out of touch with reality. For my At Home blog, I must really like the product and not find another source to showcase a product from a brand with a Flash site.

    Having said that, the topic of this post is really the fact that bloggers and podcasters can find jobs because of their blogging and podcasting skills.

  3. 3 Daniel Baylis (@gaylifemtl) said:

    Thanks for your affirmative comments.

    I’m one of the lucky 5 who get to gush about Montreal.

    We launch next week. Stay tuned!