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Blogs as a SEO power machine

I often tell small businesses or consultants that they should build a blog instead of a traditional Web site. Two main reasons explain my recommendation of doing a blog:

  1. the rapidity at which a blog is referenced is second to none
  2. people can more easily figure out about who you are and build credibility through your blog writing than a corporate Web site.

A Case Study

I published a review about Cabane a sucre du Pied de Cochon (April 4: put the new URL) on At Home with Kim Vallee last night. I now appear 3 times when you do a search on “Cabane a sucre du Pied de Cochon” on All the times, I am in front of the official site of the sugar shack.

frequent updates of blogs favor them on google

I do not use any fancy SEO tricks. I simply make sure that my keywords are on the post Title, I repeat the keywords several times on my post and I insert my keywords in the ALT text of the image. All that takes less than 30 seconds to do.

They are other concerns and elements to consider before making a decision of whether to build a blog or a Web site but one thing is for sure Google loves blogs.

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5 Responses to “Blogs as a SEO power machine”

  1. You’re right Kim, blogs get indexed much more often than web sites. Also, so many people don’t realize the value of making sure their alt image text is changed to fit their key word. Good reminder!

  2. You have some great information and websites here. I will definitely have to come back and check this out further.

  3. Hey Kim,

    Thanks so much for the mention! It’s much appreciated, and Kathryn and I are looking forward to seeing you there! Blogs are indeed great for search engines, as they offer all the things SEs love – updated content! Great tips!

  4. yeah agree with you kim, as i started my blog in Jan 2009 i only make sure that the title of my post should match with my blog name and it works very fast … my blog is coming on first page for the keywords which have competition of 10 million.

    You just need to be know what to feed the crawler and he will sure come to eat in your bowl.


  5. Being a blogger, I know that blogs are very powerful – at least, as far as SEO purposes are concerned…. but that powerful, I am simply flabbergasted!

    Thank you so much, Kim, for sharing this great experience of yours!