SOCIAL MEDIA | March 12, 2009

Excellent Use of You Tube by Vodafone and F1 Mc Laren for advertising the BlackBerry Storm

When I am telling that blogging and generating content opens doors I am not joking. In fact, in this case, I am because this is a well-done advertisement based on user generated content (UGC). Beware that I am an avid Formula 1 fan,  I could watch the video again and again.

The Storyline

McLaren with their sponsor Vodofone posted on You Tube a video relating the extraordinary experience of two dedicated McLaren Formula 1 fans. It started as Steve and Simon wrote an application to convert their BlackBerry Storm phone into a car remote control. One weekend, they transformed the office in a big Grand-Prix circuit. It was brilliant idea for a do-it-yourself circuit. Imagine the look of your friends if you design a similar race track one weekend at home. They made you think their Grand-Prix video on You Tube caught the attention of a staff member at McLaren, which led to a private test session in Portugal with Lewis Hamilton. This is the way to grab my attention!

The storyline continues with McLaren taking extra steps to impress Steve and Simon. They hooked a remote control on an actual Formula 1 car. Lewis Hamilton, who enjoyed playing video games, used the remote control to drive the car across a small section of the circuit. How cool is that! It is a Cinderella story that for a while could make you dream.

This is effective because it is entertaining. It speaks to me as a Formula 1 fan. You wish it was true for these guys. Vodofone, this is a lot more effective that the 2-minute video where Lewis Hamilton tells us how he used his Blackberry Storm.

Who I Cheer For?

If you want to know, McLaren may be my favorite team but my favorite driver is Kimi Raikkonen. I admired the talents at Ferrari but I did not become a Ferrari’s fan even with Kimi in the red suit. Sound complicated, it is. Let’s hope Kimi learned from last year’s mistakes. I want him to be crowned World Champion for a second time. I am looking forward for the start of the Formula 1 season March 23, 2009.

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