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Farm Town on Facebook

farm town

Farm Town is a fun social game where you design and manage a farm. It takes advantage of the social element of Facebook. Having neighbors helps you make more money and gain experience more quickly.

How to Make Money and Build Experience on Farm Town

Visit your neighbor’s farms daily to rake or water their farm. Doing this simple task delivers 6 points of experience and between 10 and 20 coins. Farm Town rewards collaboration between neighbors. You can send free gifts (trees or animals) to your friends.

When you hire a friend or a hand to harvest your mature crops, they earn a small wage and you will be able to sell your crops at the market for more (more than if you harvest it and store it). You can also hire hands at the market to harvest your crops. Being hired as a temporary farmer enables you to make more money. For that reason, there is never a shortage of hands at the market.

Facebook games are meant to be quick sessions compared to video games where you can play for hours in a row. Playing 5 to 10 minutes one or twice a day is enough at first. As you increase your growing area, the game will demand more of your time. When you feel short in space, stop by the real estate office and buy more land to expand your farm. You can also spend time redesigning your farm or chatting with other players.

You gain experience by planting your farm. Initially, plant seeds that take 1 day to mature. I am partial to strawberries and potatoes. Grapes are ready in 4 hours. If you do not wish to play daily, grow longer maturing seeds. My favorite seeds are: tomatoes and rice maturing in 2 days, coffee and onions growing in 3 days, and pumpkins ready in 4 days). You can coordinate everything to play once every 2 or 3 days if you like. In any events, we could meet at the farmer’s market or cheer with water at the Inn (still not operational), since they are still waiting for their liquor permit.

JUNE 9th, 2009 1:45 AM ET – IMPORTANT MESSAGE:Β  To all Farm Town players, the maker are working on bringing back the game as soon as possible. Read my complete status here.
I also slightly edited my review of the game to share more tricks that I learned while playing.

September 28th, 2009 Update: This blog is NOT produced by the maker of Farm Town, and I do NOT work for Farm Town. Therefore, it is not the right place to ask about support. To contact the maker of Farm Town, use their Facebook application page.

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83 Responses to “Farm Town on Facebook”

  1. 1 valerie said:

    my friend told me about this site, and im interrested to have ago,i have been confirmed after registering but i still can,t get in.

  2. Why do I pickup so many adaware virises off of this page? This should not be allowed from anyone and the caretaker of this site should be stopping them as the adds come in.

  3. You can use the zoom view which is advertising free. But really when you play, your eyes concentrate on managing your field. Therefore, you do not see the ads anymore.

  4. Could you please do something about the “link” status. In 10 minutes I have to restart my farm town game at least 5 times. I enjoy the game, but this restarting is a rediculous waste of time.

  5. hi this is grace 9 years of age and i think it is wonderful and it is loveley

  6. it is
    i love it

  7. I like this game a lot!

  8. I started the game not to long ago but im already addicted I go on it everyday for hours on end πŸ™
    I love the game but having to restart every so often is so annoying because usilly I am in the middle of a big job and then I have to restart it can you please do somthing about that!!!!

  9. 10 eve (frieda) said:

    it surtenly is annoying, i have to restart over and over again. shame cause i really like this game a lot.
    is it possible to put some more vegetables in the game? like carrottes and pees maybe ognions nd little flowers.
    and please, please, lease work on this game so that we don’t have to restart over and over again.

  10. 11 Suzanne Kelly said:

    I am hopelessly, pathetically addicted to Farm Town. Is there a Farm Town Farmer’s Anonymous?????

    I’m on level 24 just ITCHING to get to 25 to upgrade to the 24 x 24 farm. LOL.

  11. Suzanne: I know the feeling. I am planting 3-day crops, mixed with some rice or tomatoes because it is getting too long. This way, I sometime have a day off and use that time to improve a little the design of my farm.

  12. 13 Tracey Duke said:

    Farm town is an awesome game. Simple to learn yet fun to play. You can do as much or as little as you want. It is Fantastic! I love it!

  13. 14 DeLynne said:

    I am considering playing, but am not sure I want everyone to know every time I plant a tree. (or is that the whole idea?) Is there a way to play without broadcasting your movements? I haven’t signed up because the notice about accessing my friends list makes me nervous. Can you tell I’m new to facebook? Thanks heaps in advance for listening.

  14. 15 Kathie said:

    Looking for new neighbors for my Farm Town, if interested please let me know.

    I honestly thought it was pointless at first
    but i stayed up till 2 am playing it.

  16. 17 debra said:

    hi farm town how do you start a game of farm town

  17. 18 Lucia said:

    This is for DeLynne – if you play “offline” no one can see you’re in Farm Town or what you are doing.
    I also have a question though. Is there a way to move the fence pieces once they’re in place? Or move planted trees around?

  18. 19 Ann Frisque said:

    You can move your items around by clicking on them and choosing move from the drop down box, this works for trees and fences and animals but not crops:)

  19. how do you resart farm town

  20. 21 Marcy said:

    I love the game too, I only have one question….. WHat is the point in the animals? they just seem to take up space and you don’t seem to have to do anything to them or for them?

  21. 22 On the Web with Kim Vallee (@kimvallee) said:

    Marcy: The animals have no purpose other than aesthetics right now. My guess is that as the developer will implement new features they probably will do something with the animals. I love them still. I treat them as having a zoo in my backyard.

    Have fun playing!

  22. 23 Christa said:

    I want Farm Town to become an iphone app. How can that happen?

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  24. I would like to share my experience of gaining 1,000,000 coins in 3 weeks:
    Hope it helps.

  25. Good tips Eric. Concentrating on growing the most crops is the key. Strawberries may bring the best return of your investment. I suggest that you grow strawberries and potatoes first. Another way for new players for making money is to harvest other farms. You will not win experience but you will make cash. You go the market or send message to your neighbors to get hire.

  26. hi. im a farm town fan also. but today suddenly farm town hs been removed. im so saddddd…. :((

  27. 29 Eileen said:

    Where did Farm Town go on Facebook? I am a big fan and have been playing it for a while. Is it being removed permanently or is this a glitch?

  28. what happened to farm town ? i can’t stand it i need to play where did it go?????????????????

  29. where is farmtown am l going to lose all my plants,animals etc……..

  30. 32 Amber B said:

    Farm Town is no longer there…What happened to it? Can’t log on and the book mark is gone…Did they take it off the net or what??

  31. 33 Cindy Bolen said:

    What happened to Farm Town on Facebook
    Does this mean we lose all our crops and everything
    No bookmark
    Already lost 3 gifts
    Can’t Harvest the crops or gain experience points
    What happened?

  32. I also just found out that farmtown is not accessible. I hope they are just working out some kinks and it will come back

  33. 35 Kaye Ward said:

    Ok, where did farm town go? Its not fair. You get addicted to the game and its gone. I want it back!!!!!!!

  34. 36 Tyler said:


  35. 37 john lambert said:

    why is farm town game off line when will it bwe back on

  36. 38 Beckie Beck said:

    Where did Farm town go??? No notice it may disappear or anything!!! It’s almost like it didnt exist. Gone from my applications, bookmarks, everything!!! How do we find out what happened and will it be back??

  37. 39 leah Schlamp said:

    i was very mad when i went on facebook tonight and could not get on farmtown.i really like that game will be very mad if it doesn’t come back. i might even stop going on facebook for a while that is how mad i am

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  39. 41 Linda Burns said:

    Annoyed that i can’t get onto my farm took a long time in building it up i hope that i don’t lose everything

  40. 42 Lisa (@MeMe) said:

    I’m so lost without my Farm Town… Plz bring it back to us.. There’s no place like Farm Town Aunti Em..

  41. 43 Atanasov said:

    What happened to the game in FACEBOOK? Will it there or not? Someone to say what is the problem.

  42. 44 Farmer Nerd (@inararadio) said:

    Glad to see it’s coming back! Yay! Everyone say thank you to the geek or geeks who fixed it πŸ™‚


  44. 46 Doris said:

    I’m really upset that they didn’t tell us before hand that they would be servicing Farm Town. I hope I don’t loose my coins or crops.

  45. 47 Amber said:

    Check out this website….Maybe it will come back on…

    Some ppl think that we are crazy or funny for playing this game or living in this game. But, this game is fun to play. The stress melts away. I love this game too! They said they are extending our time for Harvest. Check with to keep u updated on Farm Town.

  46. 48 Farmer Nerd (@inararadio) said:

    From what I read on that link, the problem was facebook. I run my own small app that has only 20 friends using it, and it was inaccessible a lot over the last two days. Definitely not our server. A lot of apps have been down. Farm Town pulled the plug to prevent data from being corrupted by that. It is a good plan, I am glad they did it. Otherwise you might very well HAVE lost your crops or coins!

    These things happen. It sucks when they happen but I think Farm Town made the best decision for all players of the game. What’s the worst that happened? You had to do something else for about 12 hours. πŸ˜€ At least your crops are okay, and not messed up because facebook is having problems!

  47. 49 Elizabeth Hernandez said:

    totally addicted almost ruined my marrage

  48. now its farm ville ><

  49. 51 Kim Siegfried said:

    does anyone know why my safari browser won’t download adobe flash player on my iPod touch??? I can’t play on there and it’s making me crazy!!!!

  50. what is the highest level on farm town?

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  52. 55 Kellie said:

    Can I get Farmtown on my Iphone? I have FB on Iphone but cannot figure out how to access Farm Town?

  53. 56 shannon said:

    well it wont let me download falsh player any 1 have any ideas ? lots of us have tried to fix it ? and people are saying to me its really good and i cant get on it πŸ™

  54. I cannot get my farmtown to play….I can look at my neightbors, accept gifts, etc…..but I cannot play or visit n e ones farm….HELP!!….What is going on??….and I even tried to upgrade the flash, and that didnt work…..Im freaking out, I have lots of crops that need to be harvested…..please help

  55. 58 Vonneta Laprade said:

    I don’t understand why farmtown has so many virus…I have my computer toast again. i tried outting on protection but we r not catching them. This makes it difficult to continue playing when having to fight a virus off.Somedays it takes 20 mins to get into farmtown and I know its another virus. Is there anything that can be done to stop this pesty problem?


  56. 59 Emma Playton said:

    i love this game but my facebook dosenot work so is threitr anyother websits i could go on to play it.

  57. 60 On the with Kim Vallee (@kimvallee) said:

    Emma: Farm Town is only available on Facebook

  58. 61 nancy otero (@137500) said:


  59. 62 Lee Harper said:

    I can not get on Farm Town today at all,what is wrong with this game????????

  60. rhys is the best wooo

  61. 64 Denise Dokis said:

    When r they going to be adding new levels and more land available to purchase….I am at level 34 and can go no further.

  62. 65 Emma Playton said:

    yeah facebook is making my compute go SO slow how can i fix that!

  63. 66 Darlene Irvine said:

    Found this site accidently while trying to get to my facebook acct. and Farmtown this aft. Want to compliment makers of Farm Town for developing an excellent, fun and interesting game that teaches the skills of cooperating with neighbors within a community. I hope they expand the game to create more levels above the 34 and add the opportunity of purchasing more land larger than the currant biggest lot now available. Like it that there are always additions to store merchandise! Would love it if they would add a log cabin and round corrals! Again, thank you to the founders!

  64. 67 Darlene Irvine said:

    Found this site accidently while trying to get to my facebook acct. and Farmtown this aft. Want to compliment makers of Farm Town for developing an excellent, fun and interesting game that teaches the skills of cooperating with neighbors within a community. I hope they expand the game to create more levels above the 34 and add the opportunity of purchasing more land larger than the currant biggest lot now available. Like it that there are always additions to store merchandise! Would love it if they would add a log cabin and round corrals! Again, thank you to the founders!

  65. 68 Kevin Emerson said:

    my mother loves this game. she is having a problem buying land from the land office. she has the money, is level higher than me but it does not allow her to buy bigger than 18×18. it is a sofware error i am sure….any ideas how to fix it for her and allow her to get a bigger farm? Thanks in advance for any assistance

  66. my girlfriend Nicole put me on to this site

  67. 70 Pat Allen said:

    Why will my game on facebook farm town not come in at all for a few days now?

  68. 71 pumicejosh said:

    it’s cool :)……………………….

  69. 72 emma playton said:

    i love this game and farm ville like what the differnce other than getting a job\;p
    their should be a new gsme with both of them put together anyways Kim willl you make one then dedicate it to me im a 13 year old girl

  70. What has happened to Farm Town. I can’t get into it anywhere.
    I really love it.

  71. i cannot get on to farnvill now for 2 days ?

  72. I have some great ideas for farmtown, and was wondering how could i connect with the makers, and how I could get these ideas into reality.

  73. 76 Marlyn Durham said:

    Why can I not see people on my farm or at the market? I am neighbors with 2 different people and we have trouble seeing each other to hire. we have to go to another neighbors to be able to see each other.

  74. 77 Jerry Onik said:

    I have been having issues with not getting credit for all the crops that I am harvesting, at times I will remain harvesting and no coins will be credited to my total, or plowing and wont get coins or experience points. Also, while having others harvest at my farm the screen is showing remaining crops that others seem unable to see. It can be a bit frustrating at times, also there need to be more long term crops available for people who love the game but cant check it daily, 4+ day harvests so the same crops dont need to be grown over and over.

  75. Jerry: I am not linked in any way with SlashKey, the maker of Farm Town. Therefore, I cannot help you. Here is a link to the game maker’s support forum

  76. What can we do after reaching level 60? bought almost everything they sell?
    might be designing a garden is a good alternative..
    please visit my garden if you wish, and we can become buddies in FT πŸ™‚

  77. why cant i seem to get back into farm town i miss it was one of my favorite games plz help get it back

  78. 81 Marietjie Botha said:

    Im struggling to get into my farm the whole morning, can you please check whats going on. Yesterday it did the same

  79. Melody and Marietjie: I suggest that you look on the Facebook page of the maker of the game. You find the link on the left bottom corner of the page that is opened when you play Farmtown.

  80. Since all the comments are now related to problems you get with the game and that I do not work for SlashKey, the maker of Farm Town, I cannot help you. Therefore, I am closing the comments for this post. Here is a link to the game maker’s support forum