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How I Use the Facebook Fan Page of My Blog

facebook pages for my blogs

I wish to share my experience with my Fagebook pages for my blogs. Yesterday, Jessica of How About Orange asked her readers to enlighten her on why it’s good to have a Facebook page for your blog? She received 42 comments so far. A good number of her readers did not see the point or simply see it as added work. I wish to show you how to add value to your blog with a Facebook page.

Which Content to Put on Your Facebook Page

You will struggle with this question at first. It is intimidating. One mistaken view is to simply duplicate the content of the blog. You should not do that. Continue to publish your latest posts on your page but make sure to add other relevant content that is not on your blog. An easy trick is to write a message telling your fans what they will be getting from your post when you share a post link on your Facebook page.

Enhance the Communications

I wish to publicly thank Michelle Blanc for inspiring me, without knowing it. Michelle talked at 3rd Tuesday last week about how the newspapers and traditional media should use the different channels to complement their stories. It opened my mind.

Now I use my Facebook page as a way to enhance the content of my blog. I published additional pictures on stories I covered on my blog. Used it to say about things about yourself that may interested your fans. For example, I create photo albums when I attended events (see my 3rd Tuesday album). Thinking about my page as a persona makes it easier to write status messages on the page wall. What additional content do your put on your Facebook page?

Get More Feedbacks, More Rapidly

It is fair to assume that most of your Facebook friends do not subscribe to your RSS feeds. The fact that I published each new post URL on my user profile and my Facebook page increases the number of comments I get on Facebook and the like this votes. When you are lucky, a new reader will publish a comment on your blog. Remember that Facebook is a more casual platform than a blog; Facebook encourages communication through word of mouth.

Power of Word of Mouth

Facebook users demographics as at 2009.02.01

More than 175 millions people are on Facebook. The split in the United Stated is about 55% of Facebook users are 25 years old or less, 45% are over 25 years old. The claim that Facebook is only for kids does not added up anymore. Even without that fact, your friends and the friends of your friends are a part of that 45%. It is also possible to use social-demographic targeted advertisement to promote your page within Facebook.

When a fan does an action on your Facebook page, their friends can see it and you get a chance to convert strangers which brings exposure to the friends of your friends of your friends. The multiplying effect on Facebook delivers more exposure than if you limit yourself to your blog and writing blog comments on the blogosphere. It only costs a little bit of your time.

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3 Responses to “How I Use the Facebook Fan Page of My Blog”

  1. Thanks for the cool article. Facebook is a little more complicated than blogging and the other social networking tools out there. But hidden inside is some powerful functionality. This post is inspirational more than informational, however. Where is the detailed how-to?

    I actually paid $27 recently for a great tutorial on FB, and I’m pretty happy with what I got. I’m totally unrelated to this person, but her website is and although her product looks like it might be B.S. it’s actually good.

    Good luck to all the FB marketers!!

  2. Well, I am glad I could be of help and that you gain insights from my discussion. We never know what goes on in the mind of other people when we talk and what will sparkle in their brain when we are gone. Thanks for the acknowledgment and for simply being you

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