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My Top Tips To New Bloggers

I meet many people who are asking me advices on the art of blogging. To start answering that question I compiled a to-do-list to ease up the launching of a new blog.

Set up a self-hosted WordPress

The blogging platform of choice these days are a self-hosted WordPress infrastructure. It unites flexibility and a vast array of functionality.

If your blog complements a Web site, add a /blog directory as the blog URL (i.e. This will enhance the SEO of your main Web site.

Plugins and Other Programs To Install Before Your Launch

Use AKISNET from the start since it will catch most spams. Since WordPress is extremely popular, spammers target us. I suggest not moderating the comments; readers prefer the immediate feedback. Allow time on your agenda to review the comments and remove the undesirable comments. The new comment email notification of WordPress saves me time. This way, I log in to the WP admin software only if I want to mark as spam or delete a comment.

Set up your RSS feed with Feedburner. You get basic stats on your RSS subscribers (not that useful). The most important reason to use Feedburner is if you ever need to change your blog URL (it happens more than you think), your readers will follow you automatically. It is worth to setup a link (or a form) for Email subscription to your feed with Feedburner.

Start collecting statistics from day one. Install both Sitemeter and Google Analytics. Both software is used for different purposes. Any serious blogger uses both; I will tell you why in another post (long to explain).

Necessary Content Before the Launch

Take the time to finalize 5 to 7 posts before launching your blog. Publish 3 to 5 posts and keep the rest in reserve before you open your blog. Having several posts at the inset let your readers know what to expect. As a result they will be more inclined to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Writing several posts gives you a chance to see if you can produce content for your niche. Having a few posts in reserve will reduce the initial pressure and adjustments that come with running a blog.

Disclose your publishing schedule to build reader loyalty. Be realistic. It does not really matter at first if you publish a post once a week or once a day; the important thing is to select a publishing schedule that you can follow.

Nice photos sell a story. Put a big photo immediately after the title. If appropriate, add 1 or 2 more photos spread inside the post.

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  2. Hello,

    I really think that this blog and these blog posts are really useful for new bloggers!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. 3 Nicky said:

    I am from Cape Town, South Africa and I have been following your blog for about 6months. You have totally inspired me to start my own blog about the incredible design talent we have here. I will inform you when I am up and running and would love read your opinion.