SOCIAL MEDIA | March 11, 2009

Twitter vs. Blogging Dilemma: it is not one vs. the other

Many people frequently asked this question. I read several posts on that matter this week; I commented on Problogger and BlogHer. I feel the need to expand my thoughts.

If you are a blogger, there is no doubt on my mind: you should be active on Twitter. I mentioned before that Twitter is a powerful marketing tool to raise awareness about what you do. It enables you to build credibility, increase your blog traffic and establish yourself as an influencer.

It is not a matter of Twittering vs. Blogging. Each one serves its purpose. The best option is to try to take advantages of their respective strength.

Twitter Enhances Blogging

I write several posts a week on AHWKV with quick links of the best of the Web. Retweet is the same idea but applied to Twitter. On Twitter, I can include topics outside the scope of my blog.  As a matter of fact, Twitter allows me to extend my curator role.

I also see Twitter as a laboratory for ideas. I can test the interest for topics before I write my post. Conversations bring me fresh ideas. I can see trends developing. I read about what people care for; how they react. I get answers more quickly, and often in bigger number, on Twitter than if I wrote a post. In fact, Twitter can help me write better content for my blog if I am listening properly.

When I write a post, people comment on my blogs but I often get more feedback on Twitter or on Facebook. It makes me sad that there is no tool to aggregate all these feedback under my blog.

Still, Twitter does not eliminate the need for a blog. I remain a blogger; this is my main job. I could not tell you all this in a coherent way using a succession of 140-character messages. I could but it would be complicated for you to follow my thread. I repeat: Twitter enhances my blogging experience.

Twitter Promotes Your Personal Brand

Twitter enables you to reach people who would not normally read your blog. More importantly, it enables you to reach Tweeple with similar interests and to build a stronger relationship with them.

Twitter makes uses of the social graph. It brings blogger opportunities. It can become a strong public relations vehicle for you. How to use Twitter wisely to raise your personal brand will be the subject of a future post.

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3 Responses to “Twitter vs. Blogging Dilemma: it is not one vs. the other”

  1. Fabulous article Kim!

  2. I absolutely agree with you, Kim. It seems lately that whenever a social networking outlet gains more exposure, there’s a debate over whether it should supplant existing ones instead of a discussion of how they can enhance each other.

    And to help prove the point you made in your article, I found out about your article here because someone I follow on Twitter pointed it out to me. So it can indeed bring in new audiences. But like you pointed out, it’s also an alternate platform for discussing or voicing ideas that don’t really fit on your blog site, if not the opportunity to interact and discuss topics and ideas with those you might not have found your blog.

    As I wrote in a piece on my blog, the success of Twitter ultimately lies in how you choose to use it and what kinds of interactions you work on building with others.

  3. Kim, this is a great article – explaining the value of Twitter. As for me, I love twitter. It’s been an invaluable source to network, connect with people and get answers to questions – such as: how can I get rid of all these darn fruit flies or can I freeze mushrooms.