SOCIAL MEDIA | March 16, 2009

WeFollow is the latest attempt at user powered Twitter directory

Following Tweeple with similar interests is my goal. After all this is how you engage in valuable conversations.


Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg, officially launched yesterday a service called WeFollow. The idea is that you fill 3, only 3 hash tags to describe your interests. The idea is to find people with similar interests. If you tweet a new series of 3 hash tags, they will replace the old ones. The semantic on Twitter is @wefollow #hashtag1 #hashtag2 #hastag3


The need to use external tools comes from a weakness in the Twitter profile; no searchable fields where we can state our interests. Twellow tries to extrapolate our interests based on our bio with mixed results. On that chapter, WeFollow is a definite improvement on helping me find new people to follow.

Where WeFollow fails is that, like Digg, the system is biased to the people with the most traffic. I do not mind that they show me the people with more followers. Since I am following people in niches, the effect is not as bad but still he gives an unfair advantage to the major players.

I would like that WeFollow let me see the list sorted by other criteria. Give to the users the power to decide what is a relevant metric for them. Then, WeFollow would bring me something valuable. By the way, I tried again Mr. Tweet tonight and I discovered a bunch of people to follow. Remember that list on Mr. Tweet is updated once or twice a week, so you may find people you are currently following. Read what I said earlier about Mr. Tweet.

Having said that, I am on WeFollow. My advice to you is to forget the obvious words (used as hash tags) like bloggers and social media. Instead, fous on other facets defining your involvement in Twitter as your 3 hash tags.

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8 Responses to “WeFollow is the latest attempt at user powered Twitter directory”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing about the new WeFollow tool.

    I already knew about Twellow and Mr. Tweet, but I am happy now that I have found another external tool which will help me to find Tweeple with similar interests – a weakness in the Twitter profile, I perfectly agree with you.

    After all – as you so beautifully said – this is how we engage in valuable conversations!

  2. Testing Twitter functionality…

  3. I signed up with WeFollow just now, and found this blog when I tried to figure out why it’s better than #hashtags and Twitter Search. I guess the only way to know is by using it!

    Here’s a general question related to tagging I’d love to get opinion on: is it better to focus your 3 WeFollow tags on a single topic (e.g. “inbound marketing”, marketing, “socialmediamarketing”) or spread them out (marketing, music, fish tanks)? I guess it’s all about who I want to find me, right?

    But why only 3 tags? and what makes these WeFollow tags so special? Again, I’m doing ok with #hashtags and Twitter Search. I never really got into Digg (to complicated!). I’d like to see a ‘professional’ analysis of this WeFollow thing vs. other tools out there.

  4. Are there any potential privacy/security drawbacks to using wefollow? When I’m prompted to ‘authorize wefollow’ what exactly happens from a technical standpoint? Am I simply agreeing to allow my hashtags to be broadcast to other users via twitter? No code is appended to my twitter page, is it? I’m not even sure exactly what I’m asking here, but I’m automatically suspicious of any ‘authorize us’ buttons, especially when the terms/conditions page is opaque.

  5. 5 On the Web with Kim Vallee (@kimvallee) said:

    Big J: The authorization process runs on a Twitter server. But you can add yourself via the manual method and avoid the authorization process. Simply publish a Tweet with the following semantic @wefollow #hashtag2 #hashtag2 #hashtag3

  6. tx Kim .. nice write-up .. i guess niche keywords are best, as per usual.

  7. Hi Kim, thank you! I went ahead and joined WeFollow tonight thanks to your post – I love it, very helpful! You’ve always got great advice…cheers and keep up the great work!

    Jaime 🙂

  8. Good article and viewpoint…we agree on your comments…will retweet you @socialnetguide