Watching your influence with

A cool functionality of is that you are able to track the numbers of clicks in real-time. The sad thing is that the statistics only work in real-time. It is supposed to show you the cumulative values but I have been waiting for days now. So I assume totals are not functional yet. statistics on a shorten link

Still I like to check the life cycle of post links I published on Twitter. To track the statistics you must login to and shorten your URL on instead of TweetDeck or other desktop applications for Twitter. This enables me to get the statistics from the links I directly triggered. People that retweet my tweet (with the link) will be included.

If you do it often and over a long period, you can discover which content works best. It is important to quickly grasp what content works and which one do not. This is one of the several components that define your power as an influencer.

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    Seems got nicer graphs.