Tungle Simplifies Booking Appointments

You know the drill. Every time, you need to book a meeting with someone we go to this back and forth dance to find a suitable timeslot. The Meet with Me feature of Tungle simplifies everything since it eliminates the need to constantly open your calendar as you are answering emails.

Here is how it works

meet with me by Tungle

Instead of giving possible dates and time or listing when you are not available in an email, simply send a link that automatically keeps up to date of your availability. Tungle works in sync with your preferred calendar: Google Calendar, MS Outlook, Entourage for Mac and Apple iCal. I tried it with iCal and it works fine.

You can send and receive requests to book a meeting with you.

propose different timeslots for a meeting

People can propose you several timeslots without registering. If they do not registered, they will need to confirm their email before you received their email with the proposed timeslots.

pick a time or respond to a meet with me

From the email you get a link that enables you to:

  • pick a time that suits you from the calendar, then click to book the email and notice the other party
  • send other proposed dates and times
  • tell them that you will not attend the meeting.

As a bonus, Tungle will prevent the risk of double-booking a timeslot. But this is only true if you do not make typing errors, like I did last week. I entered A.M. instead of P.M. while recording an appointment with my iPhone. The appointment is for next week. I will send that person my personal Meet with Me link now. I suggest you get your own.

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2 Responses to “Tungle Simplifies Booking Appointments”

  1. Seems like a very interesting tool to be using! I’m on my way now to the Tungle free download!

  2. Hi Kim, I came across you’re blog when looking for advice on using SiteMeter in a WordPress self-hosted site: I’m in the process of moving my site from html to WP (dev url:, so that we can update it when we’re away at the races. It’s nearly ready, and I’m aiming to go into production with it by the end of May.

    I really like the way you present your images and photos (with the border, shadow effect and hand-written caption). My site is very visual, we use a lot of pics to illustrate the articles, and I’d love to have them presented like yours.

    Do you mind if I ask you – do you prepare your images like that on your Mac first, before uploading them to WP, or do you have some CSS in WP doing the work?

    If you get a moment (I can see from SiteMeter just how busy your site is!) would you mind emailing me to let me know how you do your images?

    Many thanks in advance, Martin