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What’s for Dinner Takes a New Meaning on Twitter

maureen of @cookbook in her kitchen - photo by blaine cook for the NY Times

Foodies are amongst the early adapters in the general public to Twitter. It is a vibrant community. People that do not use Twitter often laugh at the idea that we talk about mundane topics like “What you ate for dinner?”. To these detractors, I respond that Twitter is a fabulous tool to:

  1. get informed
  2. socialize, talk to people with similar interests
  3. exchange ideas, add value to the conversations
  4. ask questions
  5. promote your brand.

Be Creative

Take this cool initiative by Maureen, a 27-year-old from British Columbia who presently studies in Belfast. Maureen found a clever use to communicate on Twitter. Using her twitter account @cookbook, she published entire recipes for 3-4 persons in 140 characters. To my surprise, her recipes are beyond the basic.

Chocolate Cupcakes: cream4T buttr/8T sug; +egg. Sift1/8t soda&salt/6T flour/4T cocoa/.25t bkgpdr. Mix all+4T milk; fill6cups. 20m@375F/190C.

Lemon Lentil Soup: mince onion&celery&carrot&garlic; cvr@low7m+3T oil. Simmer40m+4c broth /c puylentil/thyme&bay&lemonzest. Puree+lemonjuice.

Strudel Pastry: cut 2T butter/1c flour/mash tater. Knead w 2t yeast/2T h2o; rise 1h. On flour cloth gently pull 17×25″; trim-1″/butter well.

Maureen heavily relies on abbreviations so it is a brain exercise to figure out the meaning. You have to admit that what she does is impressive. So far, she posted 243 tweets. 8775 Tweeple, including me, follow @cookbook. Plus, the New York Times published an article about her.

She may have a little help in fine-tuning this idea since she is the partner of Blaine Cook, who was Twitter’s lead architect. But this story illustrates that we only have seen to tip of the iceberg of what is possible to accomplish with Twitter.

If you are looking for more recipes, I talked about three easy living chefs today on At Home with Kim Vallee.

+ Take 1 Recipe, Mince, Reduce, Serve by Lawrence Downes on NY Times
+ Via Ricardocuisine tweet

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