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Microblogging with the P2 Theme for WordPress

p2 theme public view :: what the readers see

I was one of the 5 official bloggers at 6th WebCom edition, an International Web 2.0 conference which happened May 13, 2009 in Montreal. Liveblogging is not an easy task. I was wondering how I could manage it. I thought microblogging will simplify the reporting of the sessions. This is how the P2 theme for WordPress made my dreams come true.

What makes P2 different than a typical Blog Theme?

My technical support staff quickly installed the P2 theme under At Home with Kim Vallee. The P2 theme acts like the Twitter interface without the 140 character limit. My Tweets are also aggregated in P2 because we installed the Twitter tools plugin.

p2 theme :: dynamic interface of the author integrated within the theme

Everything can done from the main page of your blog. Once logged in, the blog author can publish new posts directly from the home page of the live blog. The readers can also comment directly from the home page. This advanced programming theme does not reload the entire Web page as you enter new information. Thus, it is quicker for you and your readers.

keyboard shortcuts of p2 themeKeyboard shortcuts enables you to speed thing up when live blogging.

We still need to brand the theme to my overall blog theme and to integrate it into the navigation. This will be done in the coming weeks as our agenda is full right now.

What is the use of P2 Theme for a regular blogger?

Besides covering events, P2 can enhance the curated experience you provide to your readers. Using my iPhone, I plan to provide my readers with pertinent information as I encounter it on my daily basis. Things, like quick links, that my readers will like to know but that are not enough to write a full post are the type of content that I expect. This will not replace my regular blog; it will complement it. Since it is a new concept, the way I use it will evolve with time.

Why can I do all that with Twitter? First because P2 is not limited to 140 characters. Second, because my Twitter followers are not necessarily my blog readers. Third, I aggregate the conversations on my property while I still participate in the must-be social networks (Twitter and Facebook).

Disclaimer: My husband is the founding president of Paradivision and I own shares.

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