SOCIAL MEDIA | May 23, 2009

Reality Check on the Need for a New Media Journalist Title

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Whenever a new technology becomes popular, it challenges the status quo. It takes time for the world to adapt the vocabulary, their practices and job titles to reflect the new reality. We are experiencing it with blogs.

The problematic comes at every level of our life. I am the editor-in-chief of two blogs; this is what I do for living. I noticed the first impact last year. We traveled a lot and the custom officials will ask what I do for living. The first week, I instinctively answered I’m a blogger. What did you say? answered the guy at the customs. I settled for writer for the rest of our trips. Since then, I updated to editor-in-chief of a magazine. It is better keep it simple before boarding a plane.

Which brings me to the second occurrence where bloggers/editors of blogs must use another title: trade shows and media events. Have you try to fill a media pass request for a design show lately? Blogger or Editor of a blog is not a function available. Your only choice is to answer Journalist.

I got the idea to write about this important topic when I read the start of a post by Gwen Bell:

[This is what happens when you’re asked to come as a new media journalist to experience the opening of a new ride at an amusement park. This was the Manta Media Day at SeaWorld (with bonus scenes from Busch Gardens).]

Gwen Bell writes a popular blog on branding, social media and creativity. She is an entrepreneur (Kirsty partner), an educator plus a social media speaker and consultant. She does not define herself as a journalist on Twitter, on her blog or on LinkedIn.

Why do we need to use the term New Media Journalist?

The corporate world has still to define us in their structure. In the meantime, savvy marketers recognized that bloggers are influencers. But to sell the idea of inviting a bunch of bloggers to a event, they rely on the term Journalist to get their expenses approve by who is in charge.

Dear journalists be lenient; I prefer to be called an editor of a blog. Until that day, I do not any other choice to bring original content to my readers. Changes in terminology will occur eventually.

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One Response to “Reality Check on the Need for a New Media Journalist Title”

  1. It’s true that companies/events need to adapt to the times – in the search for coverage, one can’t limit oneself just because one hasn’t kept up with the times. My friend and podcaster George Motoc experienced this last year (or was it the year before?) when he tried to get media accreditation from 2 festivals. One knew about podcasters, appreciated his interested, understood the value of giving him access and was so satisfied that George has been invited back this year. The other rejected his application because he didn’t fit into the category of traditional media. Too bad for the second guy: George’s reports and interviews are archived and available to anyone who is researching Ontario music festivals. When we understand that much of tourism purchasing decisions are based on web research, we can see how short sighted festival number 2’s restriction is.

    The difference between old school and new school is that new school will get more coverage. It’s not a question of better. It’s a question of being present where the conversation is happening. And too much conversation is happening on the Web to disregard.