Three apps for the Bloggers: Twtvite, TwtPoll, TwtQpon by Twtapps

I went yesterday to the 4th edition of Startup Camp Montreal. I like 4 of 5  presentations. I say 4 out 5 because I did not like because I do not care about the topic of the 3rd presentation.

One presenter was Felipe Coimbra of Twtapps. I first met Felipe at a Tweetup last March (see picture at the end of the post). Felipe developed simple yet very practical Twitter-based applications. One great feature is that you do not need to register to use his free applications. For a fee, Twtapps can brand their applications to your blog or company. He is also thinking about adding premium services.

The current free version is plenty to fill many blogger’s needs. I wish to put the attention on three popular applications.

twtpoll by twtapps

TwtPoll let you run simple poll online. This is a very popular Twitter application. It was the 9th most popular Twitter applications according to Compete (February 2009). This assessment was based on monthly active users.

twtvite by twtapps - created by felipe coimbra

TwtInvite is the most used applications to organize Tweetup events. It would be perfect to plan informal picnics in the park. A quick way to reach the Twitter community for your event. You simply fill a form and voilà. People can respond to the invite. This enables you to track the number of attendees and see who plan to be there. The event can be public or private.

twtqpon by twtapps :: created by felipe coimbra

TwtQpon is a simple way for small business owners and etsy sellers to promote rebate to the Twitter community.

Major brands use TwtQpon and TwtPoll. Several Twtapps applications were featured in TechCrunch. Plus Felipe is a nice guy. You should give his applications a try.

felipe coimbra and kim vallee at a march 2009 tweetup in Montreal

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