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IDEO’s Innovative Ideas on the Future of Journalism

news flash of the future :: a conception of IDEO

Newspapers are endangered species. Like many industries, it must adapt to its time. Although it is easier to read a print media, the hyperlinks, the velocity of the news and the multimedia power of the Internet clearly highlighted the weakness of the print media. Look at how this article I read on the San Francisco magazine is enriched by simply putting the hyperlinks.

Journalism is not dead but to survive these professionals must adapt. San Francisco is known for being a bed of fresh ideas. San Francisco magazine produced two excellent articles this July on how journalism could adapt to better serve their communities.

IDEO explores how we might someday experience the news

I particularly like the conclusions from an IDEO retreat on the future of journalism. If you do know them, IDEO is a consulting firm renowned for its creative problem solving. They take a design approach to create human-centered innovation and how to experience products and services.

The Power of Being Hyperlocal

one local spot tells several stories

People care about what happen in their communities. Readers said over and over that they want hyperlocal information and coverage on niche topics. They care about what affects their daily life. The Web enables anyone, including news media, to deliver specific choices to people. But the local newspapers cannot afford anymore to properly cover the news by neighborhoods. Many blogs have filled that gap and gained the trust of their readers.

Blogs are an affordable way to cater to a specific crowd. By establishing partnerships with residents, passionate bloggers and citizen journalists who concentrate on niches, local newspapers could aggregate these local stories. Then, the local newspapers could concentrate on more global stories. This is one way they can modernize their process.

Social media offers great ways to deliver the news. Anyone in the community could report and comments on facts and events. Non-profit news agency could provide fact-checking services that even citizen journalists could afford.

Multimedia Storytelling

Some journalism schools are starting to recognize the current challenge and the need to prepare their students for the new reality of journalism.

Berkeley provides a Digital News Project where 60 students participated so far. Thanks to a $500,000 grant from Ford Foundation, they produced 7 hyperlocal news Websites where they put in practice multimedia storytelling.

The content is excellent and well researched. In fact, Mission Local, on the most popular site, repeatedly scooped the San Francisco Chronicle on breaking news stories in 2008. There is a bright future for journalism.  And I wish that citizens and bloggers could collaborate in this adventure.

+ Ignore the clutter by Caroline Lea
+ Newspapers are dead. Long live journalism! by Nina Martin
+ News Flash from the Future produced by IDEO
+ Credits: Shown Illustrations by Tom Manning for IDEO

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5 Responses to “IDEO’s Innovative Ideas on the Future of Journalism”

  1. The old Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times” is actually meant as a curse … times of peace are not interesting. Times of revolution are. We certainly live in interesting times. And print media is heading, kicking and screaming, into a revolution, whether it likes it or not. With all the arguments against the death of print journalism, the fact remains that its destiny will be decided by straightforward factors of supply and demand. If the public doesn’t want what you’re selling then no matter how much you think they should, it just won’t wash anymore.

    This debate often veers into the ‘death of journalism’, which is, I think, a mistake.

    The public may respond to different ways of obtaining their news, but there will always be a need for rigourous journalism in a democratic society. We have to be sure we’re not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The industry has to find ways to adapt so that the very important service it provides society can continue to survive .. to the benefit of us all. If journalists continue to fight the trend, they’ll simply end up in a losing battle for their very existence.

    Just got back from Tofino (BC) and feel inspired: I think journalists should be more like surfers and learn to ride the wave. So much more fun.

  2. IDEO’s Innovative Ideas on the Future of Journalism | On the Web …: Journalism is not dead but to survive ..

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  3. IDEO mocks up the future of news and information feeds from your neighborhood

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  4. IDEO mocks up future of news and info feeds from your neighborhood (via @Citysearch) – took the words out of my mouth.

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