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My blogs’ business cards dilemma not yet solved

moo minicards

Since I published my new brand identity I tried to produce, with my graphic designer, business cards for my blogs. I did 2 attempts so far. The difficulty does not rest in the design of the cards. My problem is what content do I put on my cards.

At first, I imagined a double sided card with At Home on the recto and On the Web on the verso. I found that we were repeating too many things on each side. Then, I thought I could just design a card  for my main blog; it is the one I want to promote the most after all. I put that idea on hold because I feel that one important factor of my brand would be missing.

Too Many Hats

Another challenge lies with the title. I am the editor in chief on two blogs. This is my work. But journalists in traditional media interviewed me because I am a lifestyle and entertaining expert. That fact is also relevant for readers. All that and other factors questioned my identity.

Then, I watched a live coverage of an unconference in New York a couple weeks ago where the speaker encourages us to rethink the purpose of the business cards. And yes, we still need a paper version. He (sorry, I do not remember whom) was saying that your business card could say more about yourself. The message should tell to people why they should contact you.

Which information is still relevant on a business card? I stopped publishing our fax number at the office many years ago. An address is not relevant for a blog. By not putting an address I gain precious real estate on the card. Do I put my twitter account? My Facebook profile?

Since I do not have all the answers yet I decided to stick to Moo MiniCards until I make up my mind. Plus, people like getting my Moo cards. I will experiment with the content on each 100 cards batch.

Advantage of the Moo MiniCards

I published pictures I take about my trips, trade shows I go to, and food photos. I used the picture to connect with people.  I tell the recipient the story behind the picture. I even have friends who asked me for a new one when they learned I got a new set of photos.

Many people think that the full-size business cards are more practical. Plus my business card should apply to most situations. What do you think? Any suggestion?

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4 Responses to “My blogs’ business cards dilemma not yet solved”

  1. Hi, I recently went through the same question, Kim. I decided to have two cards. One is a regular size biz card with enough room for a few details pertinent to my role as print production manager and creative project planner. Then I made mini-cards for my blog. These have been especially well-received. The trick comes in deciding when to give which, and I can see your point about wondering which electronic signatures to add. I figure that my web presences are interconnected, in that I have links TO the blog on LinkedIn and Twitter, and links ON the blog to LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s interesting to look at my blog stats to see where the hits came from. As yet I have not added Twitter or LinkedIn to either of my paper cards. I think there comes a point of information overload, like when people used to put 5 different phone numbers on their cards.

    Have you thought about getting the bigger moo cards? More real estate, but still with the multiple cool photos option. Too bad you don’t get the cool case with the bigger cards! ~Nani

  2. PS I figure email as primary, and do include links to my web presence in my email signature!

  3. Why not register a .tel domain and put it on your card then?

  4. I prefer one sided cards myself. It gives you the option of writing notes on the back of the card if need be.