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Pictures Sell Your Story | Advice for Bloggers and Brands

pictures sell your story

I always say to new bloggers that they must try to take their own pictures. Nothing beats original content. Time constraints, money, logistics and talent do not always make it possible.

Most successful food bloggers excel at photography; it is part of their personal brand. Take for example La Tartine Gourmande. We are craving to have a look at her fabulous photos. Bea creates dreamy moments that inspire us and bring happiness to our day. Her writing complements the scenery depicted by her pictures. The whole makes it an awesome experience that encourages us to go back to her blog.

Lifestyle Pictures from Brands

Great pictures also contribute to the success of retailers and distributors. Many brands are known for their superb pictures. Making available inspiring shots also influences the amount of coverage a brand/retailer may get on the blogosphere.

I start any post for At Home with Kim Vallee by creating my photo collage. The photos provided to me or that I am able to find on the Web site of the retailers and the producers influence which products or storyline I will feature. In fact, many of my posts started by a fabulous picture that I spot on a brand Web site. It goes deeper that that since I moved to another story or put it on hold whenever I was unable to get good pictures for a subject.

As more and more brands pitched bloggers for product reviews, I suggest that brands make sure to have a wide selection of creatively styled pictures available. It is in the advantage for both sides that various pictures are shown; it avoids fatigue. As a reader, if I see the same picture over and over, I am less inclined to read the post because it seems like dejà vu.

Product close-up pictures are needed to understand what the product is all about. Make sure to display them on an inviting background. I believe that without including lifestyle pictures on their press package, brands are missing opportunities. If you wish bloggers to talk about your products, make it easy for them. We are busy people.

Having said that, I encourage bloggers to create their own styled pictures if they have the product on hand or if they are at an exhibit. Then, you can use the brand pictures, if needed, to extend your coverage.

+ La Tartine Gourmande
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