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The Blogger’s Toolkit and Why I Upgraded to the iPhone 3G S

blogger's toolkit: laptop, digital camera and the iPhone

I wish to discuss today the essential tools for bloggers. The two must-have tools to start blogging are a laptop computer and a digital camera. You need a laptop because it enables you to cover live events. If you are on a market for a laptop, read why I prefer the Mac to the PC for blogging. You need a digital camera because images sell a story.

How I Use My iPhone for Blogging?

Next to these two obvious choices, I put the iPhone. Switching from a Blackberry to the iPhone last year opened up new opportunities for me as a blogger. Since I run a design blog, it is crucial that I am able to read HTML emails while I am on the run and to right away being able to click on the links. The iPhone allows me to do it. Before that, looking at 90% of my emails on the BlackBerry was useless.

Being able to connect to the Web anytime anywhere is the big plus of the iPhone. I had an iPod Touch before but I lost too much time finding and setting Wi-Fi connections to be productive. Plus, the Wi-Fi connections cost money at many places. With the iPhone, I can read my RSS feeds, research stories online, mark unwelcome comments as spams or post a comment to another blog whenever I wait in line or I eat lunch at the food court. It makes me more productive.

An added value is when I visit a shop where I wish to take pictures inside the store. More than once, being able to show the store manager what my blog looks like has triggered a positive answer. Otherwise, I would need to return to the shop after the shop owners checked out my blog. Which bring me to why I upgraded my iPhone to the 3G S model? In a word: speed.

The iPhone 3G S cuts by more than half the amount of time it takes to access my image-intensive blog. A quick test shows that it took 55 to 60 seconds with the 3G model. It takes less than 25 seconds with the 3G S. The performance gains are noticeable with all the Web applications I used.

The Camera and Video Recording

Although you can tweet and post photos on Twitter or Facebook with any smart phone, it is easier with the iPhone  due to the iPhone applications. It works as well with the 3G and the 3G S models.

A cool feature on the iPhone 3G S is the ability to specify with a simple finger touch where to put the focus when I take a picture. You can also record small videos. When I am traveling, eating out or attending an event, I often post pictures from my iPhone on Twitter. This is the fast way to stay active on social media when your agenda is too busy.

For me, the benefits of the upgrade justify the investment to get the 32 GB iPhone 3G S. I was lucky to be eligible for the best price. Plus, I already sold my old iPhone, still in perfect condition, after my husband posted a status update on Facebook. Whether you have the old and the new model, having an iPhone will help you perform more efficiently the various tasks typical to a blogger life.

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5 Responses to “The Blogger’s Toolkit and Why I Upgraded to the iPhone 3G S”

  1. The Blogger’s Toolkit and Why I Upgraded to the iPhone 3G S

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  2. 2 Francois said:

    Very instructive post Kim.
    But no words on the pencil?
    I was wondering how to use this tool for blogging. :-)))

  3. Kim, thanks so much. I’ve had my iPod Touch since November. I like it a lot but feel it really needs a camera for the reasons you’ve outlined above.

    I got my first Blackberry for work a couple months ago and you’ve confirmed what I’ve suspected about why what I really need is an iPhone – it’s an essential for any blogger who likes to relies on a lot of visuals. It’s safe to say I’ll be biting the bullet soon and getting one. Thanks for helping me sort this out.


  4. Hmm. While I like the concept of the iPhone as a blogging tool, based on what you’ve said here, I have to ask: don’t you think the outrageous fees associated with the iPhone packages make this prohibitively expensive for most bloggers? I would say this is my number one reason for avoiding the iPhone, so I’m curious about your thoughts.

  5. Laura, it is a good question. You need a good data package. I got a promotional deal for the 6GB data service. The difference is my monthly bill is not a lot more than when I used to pay for my BlackBerry. If you compare the monthly fees to a basic smart phone, you double your fees. If you are blogging just for fun, the extra may not be a good investment. If you are serious about blogging, I think the added costs are worth it.