Why Businesses Should Embrace Social Media

I am a proponent of social media. I believe it empowers everyone to get a voice. If you are good at what you are doing, participating in social media enables you to build a strong personal brand.

Social media is not only for people. It provides great opportunities for businesses, when done right. Social media allows any business to engage, listen, share and exchange ideas with consumers like you never been able to do it before. Plus, I feel that you can discover way more than with traditional communications and running controlled focus groups. You will discover the truth about what people feels and thinks.

One friend who shares my passion for social media in the business is Lara McCulloch, Marketing Director at Regal Tent Productions Ltd. I met her last year while blogging. We had dinner together last winter after the IDS 09 in Toronto.

lara mcculloch-carter and kim vallee at ids09

Lara produced a blog called Ready 2 Spark but she is also a change agent in her industry. Lara organizes Twitter chat events twice a week where event professionals discuss matters affecting their industry. Her #eventprofs Twitter chat have been noticed by Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media and will be included as a good practice in the The Twitter Book.

I am telling you all this because Lara wrote an article for Special Events Magazine last month about the need for change in business marketing and communications. She made a good argument on why business must adapt and take advantage of the possibility that social media offers to them. She addressed some of the most common fear by management.

+ The World is Changing … Why Aren’t You? in Special Events Magazine

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2 Responses to “Why Businesses Should Embrace Social Media”

  1. Using social media likes facebook to promote business is a good way right now.

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