SOCIAL MEDIA | July 24, 2009

Properly Setting the Fan Permissions on Facebook Pages

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A reader asked me to tell him how he can post text on a fan page. The same way that you can decide if your Facebook friends are allowed to post comments on your wall, the owner of a fan page can define their wall settings. In short, a fan can post text, photos, videos and links on a fan page if the page owner has granted permissions to their fans.

To not allow your fans to write or post content on the fan wall is a big no-no on my book. I will go as far as saying that if this is your philosophy, your brand is not ready to be on Facebook. I encourage your brand to go over its fear since you are missing out a big opportunity.

Encourage Participation with the right Wall Settings on your Fan Page

Web 2.0 is based on interactions. The value of a fan page is to have a true dialogue with your fans. For that to happen, they need the power to express themselves. I advise any brand or blogger to use the above settings for their fan page.

There are two elements that you can customize. The first are the View Settings. To not miss any intervention by your fans, set the Default view for wall at “Post by Page and Fans”. For the Fan Permissions, I allow my fans to post anything on my page fans. As the fan page administrator, know that you can always delete inappropriate or unsolicited marketing (spam) material.

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10 Responses to “Properly Setting the Fan Permissions on Facebook Pages”

  1. I just wrote 2 posts on Facebook fan page. The 1st is about properly setting up the Fan permissions

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

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  3. Thank you for guidance on Facebook fan page settings. Still working on details of my Prescott AZ Events page, and hopefully it will be ready soon to publish. Now I will read your other related content. Thanks again, Scott

  4. Hi Kim
    Do you have any idea of how to set up a page and ONLY fans can view that page? Thanks, Leo

  5. Hi Leo,
    Facebook pages are always public. This is their purpose. Pages are a marketing tool for brands to reach the most people they could get. Honestly, I do not see why a brand will not wish to be open to anyone. If you are looking for a behind-the-door conversations, I suggest that you create a by-invitation only group (closed group). But then, you would have to invite people to join. In this age of transparency and being authentic, a brand needs a pretty good reason to do this.

  6. 6 Polly Brake said:

    How can you un-fan yourself from a fan site? I have a site I wish no longer to be a part of, how can I delete myself from that fan list?

  7. Polly: Go to the fan page. At the bottom of the left sidebar (column), you will see a link Remove me from Fans. Click on it and it’s done.

  8. 8 brianna julian said:

    how do i post a fan page into the wall of another fan site? this is to let the fans of that group know the existence of this new page. although the administrators of both pages are one and the same? thank you!

  9. 9 J Cline said:

    Hello Kim,

    I’ve been unable to find how to delete inappropriate comments from our unit’s fanpage.

    Can you (or another reader) assist?


  10. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for this informative post. I am helping a school launch a facebook page. It is not so much a forum like a business would want, but a means of communication to the users of the page. Do you have any suggestion on how to NOT allow comments to posts, events, etc that are on the wall?

    Thank you!