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Adding BackType Connect to Your WordPress Blogs

BackType Connect collects and mixes the comments on Twitter with the my blog comments

We installed BackType Connect to integrate related Twitter conversations into the post comments. It is not hard to do by yourself. Adding a plugin in WordPress usually works like a charm.

Since we are perfectionists, I asked my tech guy to fine-tune a few things that required his programming skills. One thing, Jerome did what to add the @ character before the username of every tweet (see the arrow on the image). This way, it is easier for you to notice that the comment originated from Twitter.

If you are a blogger, you probably notice that comments on blogs are broken. They are because many people say they like your post on Facebook or share their opinions about your posts on other social networks. I personally concentrate my efforts on Twitter and Facebook. Since Facebook is a closed network, we cannot export the comments and likes.  For Twitter, you can retrieve the relevant tweets. On tools that enable you to do this is BackType Connect that works for WordPress blogs.

Besides Twitter, your can include comments from Digg, FriendFeed, Reddit and Hacker News. Here is a small description from the information BackType is gathering per social networks.

  • Twitter – whenever someone tweets one of your posts
  • FriendFeed – whenever someone comments on an entry for one of your posts
  • Digg – whenever someone comments on a submission for one of your posts
  • Reddit – whenever someone comments on a submission for one of your posts
  • Hacker News – whenever someone comments on a submission for one of your posts
  • Other Blogs – whenever someone comments on a post that links to one of yours (I do not recommend this option)

For my blogs, I feel that only tweets are making sense. Analyze what it is best for you. There are a few preferences amongst which I choose to:

  • Not include retweets with no additional comment
  • Do not include connected conversations from my own blog
  • Mix comments by time stamp. Since I believe in the life stream effect, I feel it is easier for people to follow conversations as they happen. The other option is to separate the tweets from the blog comments.

The only thing I wish there was available is to eliminate my own tweets. Since I promote every post on Twitter, I feel it adds noise.

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  1. My Tips before you add BackType Connect to your WordPress blogs. BTW, I like the plugin

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