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Quickly Share How to Get to a Place on Twitter with TwitArea

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Many people use Twitter to meet their friends at restaurants, shops, museums and other public places. Launched last week by Praized, TwitArea enables to quickly lead them to a place’s address, phone number and locate the place on a map. If you have a smart phone, you will find that having a direct link on tweets saves you time while you are on the run.

Another good use is to clearly identify a place. A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted about a hotel in Toronto. But the Toronto hotel has almost the same name as a trademark hotel in Chicago. Linking to the place on my tweet would have avoided the confusion.

How to Use TwitArea

No need to register. All you need to post a tweet with TwitArea is to use Firefox and be on the site. Simply install the Firefox add-on for TwitArea. The Firefox add-on will add an Insert Place button under the text box on Click on the button whenever you wish to add the information of a place. Find the place you are referring to and click on the Tweet this! button. VoilĂ !

sharing a place location on my tweets with twitarea

Your tweet will look like this. Anyone on a computer or using a smart phone will be able to click on the short URL to know the address, phone and locate on a map the place. I like it because TwitArea simplifies my life.

About Praized Media, the maker of TwitArea

TwitArea is related to Praized community database containing the location of 16 million businesses in Canada and in the United States. The Praized application is what is powering my Places community on At Home with Kim Vallee. Located in Montreal, Praized enables publishers with an easy way for their readers to recommend local businesses to each other.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the new launch of TwitArea. I will most certainly try it out and hope it works as good as it looks. Beautiful!

  2. My review of @Twitarea – it is a fast way to share how to get a place on Twitter

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  3. new article on TwitArea: “Quickly Share How to Get to a Place on Twitter with TwitArea”, by @kimvallee

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