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Tips on How to Position Your Blog

social gaming summit 2009 after party in a San Francisco bar

One thing that is difficult for many bloggers is to define their niche. As the competition on the blogosphere becomes fiercer, you need to position your blog in order to stand out. People needs to quick get what your blog is about and how it is different from the pack.

Whether you talk about one topic or many topics in your blog, you need to find one direction that summarizes what your blog is about.

Give Room to Your Niche to Evolve

If you are starting out, think about how to categorize your blogs in directories. Take my At Home blog. It is a design blog for women well positioned as a stylish living blog. It started in 2007 as a blog about entertaining at home with style. In time, I found out that it is the stylish living aspect that my readers are attached to.

Think about directories

In a real conversation, people would easily describe the scope of At Home. But I have a hard time selecting a category for it in Web directories. Lifestyle blogs are not exactly what I am since I do not cover cultural events or musics. I am not only about food or home decor. I also touch family life without being about kids and parenting. Women magazines are rarely there and when they are, it is often filled by feminist blogs or women issues blogs.

There is also another impact. I consider myself a design blog. But when they are blog awards on specific topics (interior design, food, etc), I realized that people would not instinctively think about my blog. I am not complaining. I am happy with my positioning. I just point it out so you could fully grasp the extent of your decision.

Examine Your Content

Ask yourself that question: Are you mainly

  • a creator of new content – ex: a crafter,
  • a collector  – blog is about what you like,
  • a curator  – like I am
  • a news publisher – being the source of all the news about a specific topic
  • a problem solver
  • one that inspires people to act or create
  • a commentator, someone who shares his/her perspectives on issues and ideas, etc…

The content you produce may also influence how you define your niche. Lastly, you need to consider your competition since you need to differentiate yourself.

Remember that helps growth and maintain a readership:

  1. Regularly write posts with original content
  2. Concentrate on being useful for your readers
  3. Be active in the social media community, not just in the blogosphere

For the last point, I refer you to an excellent post about how to get noticed by the right people written by my friend Lara McCulloch of Ready 2 Spark.

+ photo that I took when I went to the after-party of the Social Gaming Summit 2009 in San Francisco

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One Response to “Tips on How to Position Your Blog”

  1. Wow.

    Such a nice article! I should have tought of that before. I think I will do a page on my site only for that purpose.

    I think that’s a good idea to do it and use it in the self summary on the side. My friends tells me that they don’t understand what I’m always talking about and I understand that… no one in my close entourage is a «computer expert» (To use their terms).

    Adding it in the presentation and in the About section would tell:
    * The guidelines of the topics
    * The style that you want to use.
    … any other ideas?