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Café World on Facebook

cafe world your cafe

Lately, I have been running my own restaurant on Facebook. Café World is another game by Zynga. You are the chef. Your friends/neighbors can be your waiters. As you advance in the game, you will be able to add stoves, service counters and preparing more recipes.

cafe world optimizing your table for quick service

Organizing your room (kitchen and tables) is part of your success as the game determined the maximum resources (number of waiters, stoves and counters) that you can have. You can expand your restaurant at will, if you accumulated enough coins.

You can play at Café World the way you like but here are things that you should know:

how to play cafe world

  • Quicker to make recipe spoils more quickly. (1) Plus, look at the clock and your agenda before deciding what to cook. You do not wish to wake up at 3 am to serve the cheesecake that took 12 hours before being ready to serve.
  • Customers that were served in a timely fashion will add .1 to your buzz factor. Customers who cannot be served due to lack of available seats (3) or that are not served fast enough will reduce your buzz factor by .1
  • The buzz factor (thumb up) determines how many customers you will get. Keeping a window (from your browser) opens with the game playing speeds up the buzz factor. But make you have enough food on the counters because you will lose pretty quickly your advantage when the food ran out. (2)
  • You can close your restaurant to not run out of food while you are not in front of your computer. I close mine at night. Simply remove the door(s), that is put the door back in your inventory.
  • One server can serve 8 tables easily. Better to have more tables than risk that waiting customers leave unhappy.
  • Each table is for one person. No need to put two chairs. (4)
  • Visit your neighbors every day to earn extra cash and leave them a tip

cafe world visiting friends screen

Give me versatile decor elements

Unfortunately Café World is weak on the decor options. A part of the fun is to infuse your own style into your restaurant. There are many choices but nothing that will enable to create a restaurant style that you can brag about. For that reason, I will probably get bored of Café World quicker than usual. If I can not decorate my space to my satisfaction with the extra coins I accumulated, what is the point?

Why can game developers are too cheap (no excuse here, since Zynga makes lots of money) to hire a  with interior design consultant to help them create amazing and versatile decor elements. Zynga assumes that you will go for a kit; so boring and passé! Clearly, the video game industry did not evolve on that topic since the first video games in 1980s. Maybe, we need more girls as lead game developers to change that.

+ Café World by Zynga on Facebook

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13 Responses to “Café World on Facebook”

  1. Café World is a very nice Facebook game. I love it!
    Thanks for the wrap-up!

  2. So true, Women should produce more games!!! I do enjoy playing Cafe World, and I wondered the same thing that I will keep moving up and there is no more cool incentives… I am curious of their expansion space future plans… I saved up to get the expansion but my excitement waned 🙁 its still new so Ill see what they have in store. Thanks for sharing your Point of view 🙂

  3. 3 Christian said:

    Already they’re adding more options. I think – just give it time!

  4. 4 Sarah Lafrance said:

    Hi!! I need a way to get more ‘cafe cash’ in cafe world to expand my restaurant without paying for it… Could you help me please??

    Thank you so much!

  5. Please add me to your cafe world as a neighbor. Yulonda Clark…

  6. Cafe World came charging out of the blocks when it was released back in September. I wonder if it will overtake Farmville in terms of users per day. As time goes on, I’m sure Zynga will add more graphics and features. But, who knows? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Right?

  7. I am playing this now.When i was little i wathed my mom play this and i hope u can show me around.All of u seem 2 be kind have a nice day by every 1….lol… ”
    0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8 khana pebley said:

    i was just wondering how to get CW cash without paying????? please reply!

  9. 9 Koe Touta (Touta Koe) said:

    How do you get cafe cash without paying?

  10. 10 Joan Williamson said:

    This past week I have re-decorated my cafe, only to find out today that the two
    columns I purchased, disappeared. Not by choice, believe me. So, I purchased replacements a half hour ago. Why does this happen and can I be reimbersed for this extra purchase of which was no fault of mine?

  11. 11 Joan Williamson said:

    I wrote a comment 2seconds ago, only to have a message show that I did not post a comment.

    Why is it that I purchased 2 columns for re-decoration, only to have them disappear due to Cafe World

  12. Joan: You need to contact Zynga, the maker of Café World, to report issues and get support. I am simply a girl who enjoy the game, like you. So I cannot help you on that matter.

  13. 13 gramoz kastrati said:

    Hi My name is gramoz and i have a slight problem i have loads of cash and coins that i get daily from my food that i create on cafe world but it has come to my attention quite a few time now that my food and my expensive equipment which is not easy to get cash to by keep disapearing and i don’t know why will i get my cash and coins back or will i get my food back i am tired of going backwards all the time and if keep happening then there is no point in continuing with this game if i cannot progress.

    if you can help me then please do.