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Beyond the Stats: 77 percent of Facebook pages have less than 1,000 fans

Facebook page popularity - nov. 2009 survey by sysomos

If you follow social media, you probably read the headlines about the numbers of Facebook fans. (November 30th, 2009 Update: On average, Facebook pages have 4, 596 fans). The highlight of the latest survey by Sysomos is that 77 percent of Facebook fan pages have less than 1,000 fans.  I read different theories about why or how to fix this. So here is my two cents.

First of all, let’s not forget that many small businesses, local designers and blogs have Facebook pages. Many of them has embraced Facebook as an affordable way to promote their brand. The owner or their marketing people typically passes a few hours a week or a month managing their social media presence.

Second, except for a small group, big names have not fully take advantage of Facebook pages. Many large corporations or organizations do not have a community manager or social media spokesperson on their payroll. Some people blamed the lack of a proper social strategy for the small numbers of fans. Yes, Facebook is not the answer for every business but I would tell you that getting the manpower to realize the strategy is more than often the biggest obstacle, besides misconceptions about social media. One thing is certain: If you do not engage with your fans, you cannot expect to get millions of fans just like that.

Lastly, Techcrunch noted that Facebook pages are typically updated every 16 days. They argue that Facebook users become a fan to show their support of affinity while people follow a brand on Twitter to hear what they have to say. There made some valid points. In fact, this is why I do not say or show the same things on my Facebook pages than on Twitter. The level of conversation is different. And maybe the problem is that brands have more trouble figuring out what to say on Facebook.

+ via Techcrunch where you can find more statistics about the survey by Sysomos

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3 Responses to “Beyond the Stats: 77 percent of Facebook pages have less than 1,000 fans”

  1. Twitter, in my opinion, is good for brand awareness as well as creating a personality for a company.

    Facebook is where a company can speak directly and engage its fans as well as use this attention to add additional value to those who have bought in to the company’s message.

    In the end, companies need to research 1. who they are; 2. who they want to be; and, 3. what they want out of both these very different networks. Once they have a clear strategy for all these, they’ll know exactly what to say.

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  3. Kim,

    Thanks for writing about our Inside Facebook report, and providing some good insight into Facebook Pages activity.

    Mark Evans
    Director of Communications