MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA | November 25, 2009

IKEA Showroom Facebook Campaign

ikea showroom facebook

When it comes to social media, you can do a lot if you take the time to think about how to use what already exists? A good example of using a feature that people are familiar with is the IKEA Showroom Facebook campaign. The beauty is that any business with a small marketing budget can do this.

For the opening a new IKEA store in Malmo, Sweden, their agency Forsman & Bodenfors devised a simple Facebook contest. The store manager uploaded showroom pictures to his profile. Participants won a product by being the first to tag their name to a product that appeared on the showroom pictures. Clever! They used the tagging function of Facebook, one of the most powerful features in Facebook to spread the word about their campaign. The nice thing is that anyone can do this.

This is what Guy Kasawaki refers as $0 marketing. It is not totally zero since you need influencers to market it, a person to run the campaign and in this case, the prizes. But now that I shared the key elements with you, assuming that you already built a good network online, you could bypass the agency and forget the ads in the newspapers. View like that, it is a very affordable advertising method.

Profile versus Fan Page

The IKEA Showroom Facebook campaign was built on a Facebook profile for the manager of the new store, Gordon Gustavsson. They opted for a profile instead of a fan page because a profile feels more personal. Nobody can deny that. You can set the photo permissions on your profile to be visible by everyone so that people do not need to become your friend before starting to tag themselves. Know that Facebook automatically asks the owner of a photo to approve the tagging requests from people with whom they are not friend.

If you opt for a fan page,  you could still communicate with the voice of the store manager on a fan page. Things to consider is the amount of time you can put on campaign management and your long term objectives. Creating a profile requires you to accept the friend requests. Fans are accepted automatically. Fan page has more promotional values. You may want to use the contest to build your fan base and not just a one time buzz.

Some people may argue that activities from a profile are more likely to show up on the news feeds. With the recent changes in the news feeds, Peter Deng of Facebook told in an interview that pages with many comments and likes should come up at a good rate  in the news feeds. It is up to you to trigger the buzz. As you can see both methods have values. Consider all elements before making your choice.

Watch the video for more details.

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