SOCIAL MEDIA, STATISTICS | November 11, 2009

Twitter is Most Popular with the 18-44

twitter usage by age group :: Pew Internet Project september 2009 data

Over the last 9 months in the United States, the percentage of Twitter users doubled in every age group except the 25-34 group. Therefore, the media age of a Twitter user remains stable at 31 years old.

The Pew Internet Project’s September 2009 survey data shows that internet users who use social network sites are more likely to use Twitter or another status updating service. The more devices you own, the more likely you are to tweet.

More Interesting Data

More women (21%) than men (17%) tweet in the United States. Overall 19% of American adults tweet. One fact is is interesting is that household income is not a factor. You get 20-22% of participation in every income bracket.

+ Pew Internet Project’s September 2009 survey report

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