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My Take on the iPad

ipad by apple :: sitting on a couch to browse the web

Apple revealed its iPad last Wednesday. I took a couple of days to think it over before I shared what I think about this new device. I will probably get one! Let’s be clear, I do really need it but it’s cool and some features make the experience more enjoyable than using my 13-inch MacBook Pro.

The Apple marketing guys excel at making us wanting their products. They even used the soundtrack of my favorite The Cure’s song. Therefore, I watched over and over the feature video until I can get an objective feel of what the features are all about.

A Content Distribution Device

I see the iPad as a big version of the iPhone without the phone and a camera, but on which Apple added a more powerful CPU and a better resolution screen. You can also describe the iPad as a content distribution device or, as Josyan mentioned on her comment, a media consumption platform. New possibilities emerge from the bigger size and increased power. When you take into account all these, it makes the device appealing.

One element that iPad can deliver is adding comfort to our browsing experience. I dreamt for years of browsing with only a screen on my laps. Now, I will be able to do it. Showing your last vacation to your best friends will be easier since the iPad reproduced the way we are accustomed to do it. When traveling, I see us watching movies on the train or the plane with more ease than opening our laptop. For these reasons, I want one. Plus, I want someone to invent a waterproof case to use the iPad while I work on my tan sitting on my pool chair.

What About Women?

Have you noticed that we never see a woman holding the iPad? The question I have is “With my fingers that measure half the size of the long fingers of the guy on the video would it would be as comfortable for me to handle the device?” With all the funny jokes about the name of the device, I wonder if the guys at Apple has ever asked a woman to use their advice.

If you wish more details about the iPad, my husband wrote an excellent iPad review. He talked about other aspects of the device that you should know about. You should read it.

I am curious to know your intention.

Why you buy the iPad?

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3 Responses to “My Take on the iPad”

  1. I will also be buying one (the Wifi only version). I think that we need to think of the iPad as something completely new. It’s not trying to be a netbook or even a computer. It’s a media consumption platform. Once we understand that we’ll be able to see its real potential.

  2. Josyan: Good way to explain the iPad. You are right that people cannot look at it as a computer. this is why I did not mention the iWorks software for the iPad (see I want to mention that I slightly rewrote that paragraph and included your insight in the post.

  3. Thanks Kim! It’s always nice to be appreciated. Very Cool!