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My Next Speech at PodCamp Toronto 2010

my upcoming speech at podcamp toronto 2010

A quick note to tell you that I will be giving a session at the next PodCamp Toronto that will happen on the weekend of February 20 and 21st, 2010.

I started working on adding a community site to the brand. I analyzed many angles to make sure I get the right ingredients. My session will explore what you need to consider before building your own community site. I will tell you why, what, and how I will expand my blog with my upcoming community site.  I will deliver food for thought, practical tips and a toolkit. I would be honored if you put it on the agenda. The exact time and date will be revealed later.

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4 Responses to “My Next Speech at PodCamp Toronto 2010”

  1. Would love to see this but my Sister seems to visit Montreal everytime there’s a PodCamp! ARG!

  2. Some sessions are recorded. Maybe you can follow it online.

  3. I’m planning on attending! Just so I can be clear is this a session examining what it takes to build a website that enhances/serves the residents of physical communities (towns, cities, neighborhoods, etc.)? If so I think that’s one area of our wonderful wired world that needs some fresh ideas. Answers to questions like: “How can my local community website really help me connect, utilize and really appreciate my community?” would be helpful. Thanks.

  4. Sharon: A community can be the residents of a town/neighborhood or people sharing a common interest (ex: moms, wedding planners, sport fans). For your information, I am building a community based on a common interest. Amongst other things, I will talk how to determine your features to meet the needs of your targeted audience. I hope to see you there.