Future of ecommerce according to Jerome Paradis | PodCamp Toronto

future of ecommerce session by jerome paradis at podcamp toronto 2010

I  wish to point out the session that my husband Jerome Paradis gave to PodCamp Toronto. Jerome talked about his vision of the future of ecommerce. He has an innovative concept of what is next for ecommerce. Jonathan Kennedy wrote a recap on the blog of NVI.

Jerome Paradis named his concept Semantic Commerce. It offers advantages for both the consumers and good merchants. Consumers will regain control of their data. It will simplify the way we purchase online.


Jerome founded with Tara Hunt and Cassandra Girard a startup called Shwowp that will put the wow into shopping. They are not ready yet to reveal what Shwowp will do.

+ PodCamp Toronto: Jérome Paradis on Ecommerce 3.0

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