Time is Money, even for Bloggers

bloggers should get paid for the services they performed :: time is money

Over the last year, a switch happened in the blogosphere. People with influence have stopped working for nothing. I think this is only fair.

Looking at the signs, I initially thought this was a trend occurring within the design and women blogosphere. This way until I read two posts written by social media consultants that were saying that if you want their time you will have to pay what it is worth. Chris Brogan wrote a post about his Price points. Then, Taylor Ellwood explained Why I no longer do Free in my business.

How it Applies to the Design and Women Blogosphere?

I think that bloggers who write about products, stores and restaurants should take notes. With all the brands pitching us stuff that suit their agenda, it comes a time when we have to say “this is enough”. Otherwise, how we can expect to make a living from blogging. I think beyond the banner ads as a monetizing technique.

Take for example, the sales alerts and store events. I receive many emails every week from retailers about these topic alone. But announcing a sale or another promotional event is a form of advertisement that the retailer should pay for. Why not have a classified section or published a (clearly marked) sponsored post once a week announcing the sales?

I suggest you reexamine what you are willing to do for free and think about how much you could charge for certain services. I am talking about services like giveaways, contests, sale alerts, and announcements. These are straight-forward marketing tactics that I feel brands should pay a fee to bloggers if they want some type of coverage.

So, what do you think? Do you charge for these services?

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3 Responses to “Time is Money, even for Bloggers”

  1. Hi Kim,

    I’ve heard that advertising revenues are not growing as fast as they used too. Do you have any insight on trends about bloggers’ other methods of revenue for the future?

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  3. I am glad bloggers are starting to refuse being a free service. I think we should ban together and ALL refuse to do free PR. Those folks that are tapping out the emails telling us “our readers would LOVE to hear” about their promotion are getting paid. And I bet it would take me longer to write the free post they are asking for than it did for them to write me.

    If we all stand up maybe and are compensated for our time, I think we’ll see the junk products be filtered out, and the quality products be reviewed.