Blogging TIPS | March 12, 2010

Why I Refuse To Support IE6

death of ie6

Internet Explorer 6 is a very old (it was released in 2001) and buggy browser that caused and is still causing many headaches to Web developers. I took the decision to not support Explorer 6 when I started my At Home blog in 2007. I did it before You Tube, Google and many other mass market sites decided to phase out the support of IE6. In fact, I never checked to see what my blogs look like in IE6.

I still refuse it today even though a WP tool would ease the pain in supporting IE6 for my blogs. I take this stand because I believe that we should promote technological advancements. Supporting  IE6 would be against my principles.

Before you make a decision, check out your statistics on Google Analytics. I checked this morning and, to my surprise, 15% of readers viewed my site with IE6. Still their average time on site and page views are slightly lower (only 2 and 6% lower) than the average for the site. I guess my IE6 readers are used to see it the way it is. These statistics reinforce the fact that the extra work to supporting IE would be a waste.

March 24th, 2010 update: After I wrote this and my husband showed me my blog on IE6. The glitches are so little that I know why it does not impact the visitors.

+ photo: IE6’s slowly death on PC World

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