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Why You Need to Preserve Your Blog History

my first post ever

I started to blog in January 28, 2005 with a blog that was called Flair et Style. My first post was about Dwell, the modern architecture and design magazine. I wrote exclusively in French at the time. In fact, I produced two blogs before I switched to the language of Shakespeare.

It is not for reminiscences that I tell you that. It is because I just migrated my closed blogs to WordPress. They were on an obsolete blog platform called Subtext. We will depart from old servers. We must transfer everything that we want to keep online. Since my husband, Jerome Paradis, developed a converter from Subtext to WordPress, it was easy for us to migrate the data. I simply lost the look and feel of the original blogs. It is all right! My goal is only to keep the content alive.

Why it is Important to Keep a Trace?

Think about what you want to do if you stop to write on a blog. Do you wish that the blog lives forever on the Web? For me, it is important to maintain the presence of my first two blogs as a proof that I had two years of blogging experience before I launched At Home with Kim Vallee. A new reality of social media is that part of your CV is publicly available on the Web. This is why I preserve the traces of what I accomplished.

Keep it Simple

Like I said earlier, the important thing is to preserve the content, not the container. I opted for a basic, free WordPress theme that I tailored to the minimum.

The ancestor of At Home with Kim Vallee

I took me a few minutes to tailor Typebased from Woothemes for each site. I do not need any bells and whistles that are common today. I simply created an image for the title, modified four elements on the CSS and configured my sidebar. Voilà! I keep my blog history alive.

Flair et Style par Kim Vallee
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