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I want to inform you that the blog of my new business, Media Sidekick, is up and running. I invite you to join me in the conversations.

The Media Sidekick blog will concentrate on social media marketing and what it means for lifestyle bloggers (design, living, food, hobbies, women and moms) and influencers. You will find there topics like, my popular blogging tips column. But we will also explore how consumers brands successfully utilize social media marketing today and bounce ideas on what’s next.

If you are a lifestyle blogger who, directly and indirectly, deals with consumer brands, it’s best to stay current on what is going with brands, PR and bloggers. I believe that bloggers should have a say in defining the best practices on social media marketing. For that important reason, I invite lifestyle bloggers, PR professionals and B2C marketers to share their views on those conversations.

For your information, On the Web with Kim Vallee is not dead. I plan to continue to write here on social media topics that would be appropriate for the Media Sidekick blog. As you can imagine, this will happen occasionally.

You can learn more about the mission of Media Sidekick and its blog here.

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  1. Good luck with your new blog!