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Facebook as an Efficient Support Group

Even though my husband and I are very active on social media, we always take steps to preserve our private life. Having said that, they are some happy moments that we wish to share online. One was my pregnancy. I made no secret that I was pregnant on my blog, Facebook or Twitter. We discovered later that our son had a heart defect that might require surgery. In fact, he had an open heart surgery a few days after birth. The question became “How will we handle that publicly”. I opted for a wait and see position during my pregnancy.

We shared the news of my son’s birth since people wanted to know. The news was so popular that I became the #1 trend on Twitter for Montreal. As more comments refer to my role as a new mom, my husband and I discussed how we would handle these comments. We decided that we could not hide the fact that our son would stay at the hospital for a few weeks. Therefore, we made a small announcement to our friends on Facebook. What we didn’t expect was the amazing response we got from our Facebook friends day after day. We both feel that the support of our Facebook friends helped us during these difficult times. Having people inquiring every day about the progress of our son comforted us and gave us strength. During his 24-day stay at the hospital, we made an habit to give a brief report on his condition. Our comments left out the details. As I said, we like to keep our life private. People told me how graciously we handled the entire situation. I am proud of that.

Facebook also allowed us to inform everyone without losing time. We welcomed the time-saving aspect since we did not have a lot of time on our hands. For all these reasons, we are glad that we made this announcement. Detractors of social media and the Internet often comment that it is impersonal. I can vouch that it can be very personal.

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One Response to “Facebook as an Efficient Support Group”

  1. The collective goodness of people is what makes social media so special. It’s making the world a smaller, more loving place. Thanks for sharing your story with all of us, and thanks for being thoughtful enough to know when not to share personal stuff.