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How Software Can Enhance Storytelling

cat london 2010 iain tait's talk about storytelling and software

I just watched Iain Tait, global interactive creative director at Wieden Kennedy discussed the role of software and storytelling at the modern ad agency. He gave this talk at CAT London in 2010. Iain shared the challenges of advertising due to the advent of social media and technology. After watching his presentation, I concluded that:

  1. Video games are the ultimate example of a creative product where storytelling and software complement each other to bring an awesome user experience. Iain suggested that creatives and advertisers should spend time playing the best video games to see how immersive and emotional they are. I agree with him.
  2. You need an integrated team who has an idea of what the others are capable to do. The creative people must be aware of the production process to be able to take full advantages of it when they are writing their scripts. I believe that great ideas can be born by exchanging ideas between people with different skills. I would go further and tell you to quickly implement these ideas and to test it on the market. You must be ready to iterate as you learn from the results.
  3. Your idea must stand the test of time. Campaigns live longer than the TV ads. In the digital world, you must be able to stand by your stories, maintain them and let them grow on their own over time.
  4. A Mastermind – With Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, You Tube, blogs, Linked In, etc…,  you need to hire people who truly understand how these different components fit together. You need an architect for your campaigns. Everyone talks about it but not many fully grasp the intricacy and how they should interact. You need to know when and why you should use and monitor every piece of the puzzle. It is key to maximize the execution of your campaigns.
  5. Results count – Half of the idea is the participation and the interaction. At the end of the day, if people did not participate, your idea fail. I would add that you must be sure that the failure was not due to an inadequate or uninteresting execution.
  6. The right software enables you to response quickly – This must be a part of your campaign, not an after-thought. Software partially explains the success of the Old Spice campaign because it gave them time to response quickly and to create an incredible momentum to the campaign.
  7. Be passionate about your work – We are living in an exciting time where we are still defining what is possible.

My last words of advise would be to:

  • Care about what you do;
  • Try to do your best every step of the way;
  • Do not be afraid to experiment and to do things differently if it brings something to your users or improve the process.

I invite you to watch the video. It is 20 minutes well spent.

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